Not All Those who Wander at The Pilgrim are Lost

"Not all those who wander are lost" is one of those common Instagram profile descriptions that never seem to get old. It is used by people who love to explore places. The good thing about new Maginhawa Street restaurant The Pilgrim (defined as one who travels to a sacred place for religious reasons) is you don't have to travel to far places just to eat food there because they make it easier for you by serving them all here. 

Waywurd House Salad (P180)

I am slowly turning over a new leaf as I am getting myself to become addicted to salad. The grilled chicken was cooked to perfection on top of the basil tarragon dressing. I was glad most of the bloggers ignored the salad as I was the one who got this plate empty.

 Chicken Fingers (P180)

Oven Brick Hot Chicken Wings (P190)

The appetizers filled our table in "Swoosh!" fashion but I advise to overlook that as Chef Dennis Tan assures us they are all made from scratch. We are all used to eating the Chicken Fingers and Chicken Wings with rice and that would also be a great idea here. I was expecting the chicken wings to be spicy but it was apparently not which is a good thing for me.

Aussie Rib Eye Steak (P320)

I'm sure them mates all the way from the Gold Coast would love some of Chef Dennis' Aussie Rib Eye Steak. I thought they should have given us a larger kitchen knife to slice this steak but I guess I am not used to that task. I loved the potato wedges that came with it too as I wish there was more of that. The steak is easily chewable and that is always good news.

Baby Back Ribs by Mr. T (P380)

That foo' Mr. T would have been proud if he could only travel all the way here to sample this Baby Back Ribs named after him. The meat is tender and the barbeque sauce is just to die for. Once he takes one bite out of it, I'm sure he will invite Chef Dennis Tan to the mutha' A-Team. I wanted another one of this dish soooooo bad.

 Khmer Green Curry (P198)

You got the choice between fish and chicken for the Khmer Green Curry and we got the fish. Once again, it is not spicy and the sauce stemming from all that vegetables is something to put on the rice. For me, a dish with lots of vegetables is always good.

Stabilizer (P80)

When you go to the Pilgrim, check out their healthy fruit shakes. I actually got to try all of the shakes since I was so thirsty and I loved the combination of fruits especially the Stabilizer since it has mango, carrot and mint. A great blend of fruits indeed!

Create Your Own Omelette (P190)

The sight of an omelette makes my heart melt so it is no surprise I loved their omelette and it only helped that it came with freshly toasted bread and butter. They have a Create Your Own Omelette and this one came with jalapeno, spinach, tomato and cream cheese. I had Dennis choose the ingredients for this omelette and I have to hand it to him. It was a winner.

Bacon Wrapped Prawns (P320)

The best dish of the night has got to be the bacon wrapped prawns. After my first bite, I said "Oh f*ck!". I just had to have another serving of this as the mini salad and french fries complimented it perfectly. It is just too addicting and you won't be able to blame yourself if it tickles your taste buds in more ways than one.

The Pilgrim
Unit 1-i Maginhawa Street corner Makadios

pics of Stabilizer, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers and Khmer Curry from Kaye Lavin

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Roch ayon kay ...

You and salad? Oh come on, I don't believe that your addiction to it is on. Whaha. If that's right, then maybe the Waywurd House Salad tasted really delicious.

Joy Calipes-Felizardo ayon kay ...

Wow! Another reason to drive to Maginhawa:)

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

Grabe! your photos made me hungry! Too bad walang Japanase resto dito sa town where I live! Oh well, when I am back at the city.

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