Hook & Cleaver opens in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Chef Diane DiMeo is a hero after my very own eyes. She realized there's not much steakhouses in Brooklyn so she opened one together with David Kelleran and another partner who shall remain silent in the form of Hook & Cleaver.

It is a beefsteak club that also serves seafood and other meat. Of course, they are open during late night for those who like to hang out at this place. They are open Thursdays to Saturdays, 5PM to 4AM. Whiskeys, steaks, chops, bourbons and classic cocktails will all be served.  All steaks are grilled when they are ordered and served naked. They come with sides of the customer's choosing and a bottle of Hook & Cleaver steak sauce.  

Steak lovers can now rejoice. Hook & Cleaver has arrived!

Thanks to Chef Diane DiMeo for the pictures!

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Roch ayon kay ...

Oh wow I am sure that steak lovers will definitely fall in love with this place. Paired with wine, the meat's flavor will come out better. I'm more interested in the seafood offerings that have on their menu though.

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