Avail of Tokyo Bubble Tea's Yoshoku Valentine's Treat

This Heart's season, Tokyo Bubble Tea gives you a chance to enjoy an affordable and tummy-filling meal at the same time. Behold the Yoshoku Valentine's Treat that comes with two servings of Miso Soup, one special Maki that can't be found on their menu, two Yoshoku big plates of your choosing, two medium milk teas of your choosing and 2 Tokyo Bubble tees of your choosing. 

For my drink, I chose the Japanse Green Milk tea with Egg Pudding. I actually have Zel with me for this food review and she was more than willing to share her opinions for all of my faithful readers out there. One good thing I like about Tokyo Bubble Tea is that they give you the option of having Splenda as the sugar for your drink and that's exactly what I had on order to avoid the overload of sweetness in the drink.

The Miso Soup is too creamy. In fact, I noticed that something is always moving and it had a lot of greens which is always a good thing. This was also when our Tokyo Bubble t-shirts arrived. We had the options of choosing between their mascots Sakura, Midori and Ichiban. All the t-shirts are really cute and they also have a promo where the couple would take a photo of themselves wearing the shirts and the best one gets to dine at the restaurant for free.

The surprise maki that's not on their menu is the Cripsy Pork Maki. It is filled with crispy pork, cheddar cheese, cucumber and rice. It is one maki that you probably won't see anywhere else. I have to hand it over to Tokyo Bubble Tea for coming up with a recipe for this one. I enjoyed it a lot especially the crispiness of the pork.

For the two Yoshoku big plates, I chose the two that had a star in them: Hamburg Steak with Demi Glace and 1/4 Japanese Chicken Leg Rice. Zel said that the burger had a little too much flavor in it and she's right. I honestly thought there was too much pepper in the mushroom sauce. The size of the burger is good enough for two people or myself alone. Since both of us are not that fond of rice, we chose mashed potato instead. It turned out to be a good choice as we ended up ignoring the coleslaw.

The 1/4 Japanese Chicken Leg is cooked perfectly according to Zel and she is so right. It came with ginger sauce which made it even more oily when it is added to the garlic rice. We felt that this would be a lot better if it came with plain rice. The chicken was indeed fried up to the point that you would want a lot more of it. It is hard to compare it to the fried chickens of fried chicken themed restaurants.

The promo runs from February 12 to March 8 only so head over to your nearest Tokyo Bubble Tea branch and avail of this exciting promo. 

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