The Best of Raintree's Worlds at Chelsea Kitchen

A lot of restaurants keep on popping up at the Mega Fashion Hall ever since it became an extension of one of the biggest malls in the country.  One of them is Chelsea Kitchen, a restaurant that is made to look like an actual kitchen where you can see what the chefs are up to. The menu combines the best of the other Raintree restaurants like the creamy milkshakes of Mr. Jones and the stone-fired pizza of Stella.

Since it is placed near the entrance of the mall EDSA side, the other bloggers thought it would be a great place to spend time drinking coffee or milkshakes while waiting for friends to shop at H&M. They also thought some guys could just spend time here while staring at all the girls who pass by. Hahaha!

 Salted Caramel (P295)

 Peaches & Cream (P295)

I ordered Salted Caramel milkshake while Ness had Peaches & Cream. Both milkshakes were equally good and I almost drank half of Ness' drink before settling in on my drink. Their milkshakes are extremely addicting and they are well worth the price.

 Mushroom "Chicharon" (P195)

Wow, I remember how I got addicted to mushroom fries when it was being sold at Ping Gu Mushroom Fries a couple of years ago. Chelsea's version is crunchy and we all wanted one bite after another especially with the basil pesto aioli and spiced vinegar dip.

CK Chicken Salad (P250) 

The best part about the CK Chicken Salad is that it gets mixed with peanut plum dressing. It is my first time to eat salad with that dressing and it is truly something I will come back for.

 Meat Parts (P350)

Super Garlic Cream (P250) 

I absolutely loved the super garlic cream pizza. It can be compared to one of my all time favorites White Pizza of Sbarro but I like this a lot better. I actually think I can maul down one whole pizza in one sitting. While this pizza probably won't make you full, the meat parts would because of all the meat in it.

Fried Chicken Parmigiana (P320) 

The Fried Chicken Parmigiana has all the makings of my type of dish. There's melted mozzarella and creamy white sauce on this yummy chicken breast. What's not to like?

Truffled Mushroom Cream & Bacon Spaghetti (P320)

It sure is hard to pick a favorite among all the dishes that were served to us because all of them were equally impressive. This pasta dish is another one of them and all of us were just waiting for the other one to finish putting some of it into his/her plate. I think the truffled mushroom cream can be put into anything and it will turn out good but it turned out twice as good when it was mixed into this bacon spaghetti.

U.S. Roast Beef & Gravy (P495)

The tenderness of the roast beef is just indescribable. I thought there was too much sauce since you can hardly see the meat but that can be solved by mixing it. They certainly have a good reason for their heavy price tag on this tasty dish.

Triple Decker Club Melt (P320)

It is amazing how something as big as this sandwich can be that affordable. This huge sandwich contains egg salad, grilled pesto chicken, farmer's ham, romaine, american cheddar and tomatoes. Of course, sandwiches and fries go together so prepare for the saltiness of the fries here but that doesn't mean it is a bad thing. In fact, it is a really good thing.

Donut Holes (P195)

I blame the warm chocolate sauce that made the Donut Holes disappear in 10 seconds. It was like a magic trick. The dulce de leche inside the donuts did not help either. In fact, I challenge anyone to not get addicted to these donuts. It is just too impossible. You'll be using a stopwatch counting down the amount of time it takes for you and your friends to gulp it down.

Cappuccino Smile (P145)

I love the fact that Chelsea Kitchen serves illy drinks and their cappuccino just took me to another dimension. I know a lot of people would agree that it is just too hard to ruin the smile on that teddy bear's face. However, the cappuccino would get cold if you don't do that sooner. It even comes with 5 pieces of chocnut and that is always a plus.

Chelsea Waffles: Salted Caramel and Bacon (P220)

When I saw they had Chelsea Waffles on the menu, I just couldn't resist it. Oh my! I was not disappointed one bit. I never thought salted caramel would mix so well with bacon. This one is a dessert for the ages. I was actually informed that this was not a best seller. However, I told them that it will become one when me and the rest would blog about it...and everyone agreed.

Chelsea Kitchen
G/F Mega Fashion Hall

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Whenever we go to SM Megamall, we always have a restaurant in mind already so we end up not trying Chelsea. The Super Garlic Cream pizza does not contain meat, right? It looks really delicious. I would also love to try the Cappuccino Smile. So cute!

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