Sweet Treats at Tiny Duchess and Green Cheese

Whenever I pass by Hole in the Wall, I would always think that it is a furniture store. Silly me! It is actually a food hall that has numerous food stalls with original concepts. I dropped by last week with a couple of workmates and it was a tummy filling experience to say the least.

CJ of Tramway fame owns Green Cheese along with several partners. They opened last November 15 and I loved the Original Japanese Cheesecake (P350) to bits. It tastes really soft and it is not that sweet. I am not biased when I say it is the best cheesecake I have ever tasted and I am seriously considering ordering several of this for the Holidays. They say it is the happiest cheesecake in the world but it can't be compared to the smile it gives the people who gets to taste the cakes.

(L-R) (T-B) Fresh and Smoked Salmon with Wasabi, Goat Cheese with Caramelized Onions, Croque Monsieur Revisited with Emmental and Fusion of Four Cheese.

Kerwin told me that he is sure that they are the only ones who offer savory eclairs in the country. There are several establishments who offer the dessert type but they are the only ones who offer the savory ones. My favorite among them is the Croque Monsieur and all of us agreed to that. Believe it or not, you will already get full just by eating these savory eclairs.

Kerwin owns Tiny Duchess along with Milcah, Magic, Ciara, Patrice and Andren. They opened mid November and he implied the main difference between a donut and eclaire is donut is fried while eclaire is baked. All the recipes here are made by Chef Patrice of Society Lounge fame.

The Savory Eclairs are priced at P140 for the original and P60 for the tiny ones. For a gift box, a pack of 4 can be bought for P190 for the tiny sweet and P225 for the tiny savory while the original sweet is at P450 and the original savory is at P520. The pack of 8 can be bought for P380 for the tiny sweet and P450 for the tiny savory.

(L-R) Green Apple, Strawberry Lovela, Double Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Caramel Popcorn, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolte & Green Tea and Belgian Chocolate Creme Brulee

Head over to Hole in the Wall now and try these sweet & delicate desserts that will surely tickle your taste buds in more ways than one.

All photos by Steph Magno

Green Cheese & Tiny Duchess
Hole in the Wall
Century Mall, Makati City

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I was just thinking about eclairs as a dessert today after lunch. I find the Fresh and Smoked Salmon with Wasabi most interesting. All other treats looked so cute and appealing! However, the pieces here are quite expensive.

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