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Since I'm such an introvert, I'm currently not part of any clubs or organizations. When I heard of The Food Club though, I immediately shouted: "Sign Me Up!". As it turns out, The Food Club is the newest 5 star hotel type buffet in town. When I got to their 1st year celebration, I was so excited to dive into the buffet like I haven't eaten for days. Of course, taking pictures of the food before someone had the chance to dig in only helped matters. I even ran 30 minutes on the treadmill to help me prepare for this gastronomic journey.

(L-R, T-B) Xiao Long Bao, Turkey, Roast Beef, Dimsum Platter

The buffet is divided into the Asian Kitchen Station, Western Kitchen Station, Cold Kitchen Station and Dessert Kitchen Station. They told us that they never say no to a guest so when a guest tells them she wants something cooked, they do whatever it takes to give her what she wants. Given that it is a buffet, there must be a lot of ingredients in the freezer right? However, if she requests for something absurd then the chef will give her a very smart alternative.

(L-R, T-B) Rainbow Beef, Sauted Kaylan and Clams w/ Tausi Sauce, Butter Shrimp, Buttered Chicken 

The staff at Food Club are so lucky because the buffet is assured to be all new which means there are no leftovers from the previous buffet. That is going to be a monumental task for all of their staff as they have to eat all those leftovers since they are not allowed to take them home. The head chef likes to concentrate on the quality of each dish in the buffet though. He doesn't like a dish that is just half good for them as he could ask his staff if it is already good enough. If they answer that it is good enough even if it doesn't look like it is then they could lose their jobs. Yes, they do exemplify high quality in this buffet despite the fact that there is an astounding number of dishes in the buffet that it is impossible to try them all.

 (L-R, T-B) Chicken Mediterranean, Steamed Fish w/ Lemon, Seafood Pasta, Moussaka

The chef told us that there are some dishes that won't arrive in the buffet until about 11 PM. Once again, he wants to be 100% sure the guest would like it so he doesn't want to give a guest a dish that is just 99% finished. He wants it to be 100% in terms of quality. The highlights of the buffet for me have got to be the Chicken Mediterranean, Roast Beef, Moussaka, Paella Con Carne, Hakaw, Ebi Tempura and Xiao Long Bao which is a dish that you have to request before it gets cooked. Looking back, I can't believe I put all of that and a lot more in my stomach!

 (L-R, T-B) Paella Con Carne, Seafood Terrine, Pollo Ala Gorge, Porkloin

There were loads of meat dishes in the buffet and being a meat lover, that was more than good news. Even the Paella is full of meat! I made the mistake of eating a bit too fast in this buffet and indulging on one too many fruit shakes. Speaking of fruit shakes, there were three of them there and you just have to pour the pitcher into your glass which is an improvement over other buffets where you have to wait for it to be made.  Aside from the fruit shakes, there's wine, coffee, cappuccino, soda and juices here too. The length of the buffet is just right which means it is not that short and not that long either.

 (L-R, T-B) Tempura, Takoyaki, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Ham & Cheese

Despite the amount of food in the buffet, the prices are affordable. In fact, Monday to Thursday lunch is only at P650 while dinner is at P850. They have the same price for Friday to Sunday lunch and dinner though which is P950. With a price like that, guests should go after the dishes that are the most expensive when ordered separately. When we asked the chef, which dish is the most expensive he answered it is the whole duck. Unfortunately, he told us this when I was already so full as I wasn't able to have some of that but I will surely make it a priority to go after that on my next visit.

Every buffet deserves a sweet ending, this buffet is no different as there's loads of desserts in the dessert section. There's Crepe Samurai, Bread Pudding, Create Your Own Crepe, ice cream, cookies and even a candy corner. It was certainly one of those days when I was looking forward to finishing the main courses even though that is going to take a while.

Birthday celebrants are allowed to eat for free three days before, during, and three days after their birthday as long as they are accompanied by one paying adult. They can also eat for free for the entire birthday month as long as they are with three paying adults. After hearing that, I sure am looking forward to my birthday.

The Food Club
Building E, Blue Bay Walk
Metropolitan Park, Macapagal Ave, Pasay City

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Wow, I can't believe that it has almost been a year since I last had a meal at The Food Club. All those food looked yummy and I'm sure quality is great. Since it's just near our office, we might as well go during weekdays when price is much lower.

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