Food Coma at Universe Gastrolounge

I recently hosted a blogger dinner at Universe Gastrolounge and it was a giant feast to say the least. All the bloggers were so full since all the food just seem to appear in a matter of seconds. Universe is located where Republiq used to be. One of the bloggers then said it is normal for a club to rebrand itself after a couple of years since people will get tired of it and there are a lot of clubs that keep on popping up in the city.

We were welcomed by marketing girls Marie Shindo and Keigh Jalbuena into the club and I saw the menu is also written on the wall which is a great idea. I was already in party mode but that wouldn't be a good idea after eating that much good food. Let's get right to it, shall we?

 Mixed Mushroom Dip (P220)

Patatas Bravas (P190)

Black Bikini (P295)

We started off the night with the appetizers or the food you eat while trying to avoid getting drunk. The Mixed Mushroom Dip will tickle your taste buds in ways you'd never imagine.  It is truly a dish I'll never forget. I actually thought the Patatas Bravas is a meat dish but when I tasted it, it is actually potatoes in two types of sauce. I would usually think of something else when Black Bikini comes to mind and food would be the last thing on my mind. This sandwich is loaded with goodies that would make you fall in love either way. It is loaded with cheese and jamon serrano mixed with black truffle jam.

 Monte Cristo Benedict (P320)

Patty Melt (P340)

The Monte Cristo Benedict is one breakfast sandwich that's so addicting especially when you see the poached egg on top. It's one dish that you should never let get cold. The Patty Melt is like a tiny cheeseburger and the grilled angus beef patty is so tender that you would know right away it is freshly cooked. The potato chips shouldn't be ignored either. 

Chicken Cobb Salad (P270)

The Chicken Cobb Salad is loaded with blue cheese, avocado, bacon and chicken in ranch dressing. I am starting to shift to being a salad person nowadays since father time is starting to catch up to me.  I just thought this could have used more sauce but that was completely my fault. Otherwise, it really impressed me.

Electric Eel  (P390)

The Electric Eel is one of those rare sushi dishes that I actually liked. Unagi, tempura shrimp, tempura bits and crab salad make up this exclusive Universe dish. I don't think you will find this anywhere. The looks alone will make you curious for a bite. You won't regret it when you do.

 BBQ Chicken Pizetta (P290)

Bad Girl (P290)

Pizza is another dish that will still make you get home safely after a round of drinks. The honey barbeque sauce of the BBQ Chicken Pizetta totally had me hooked. I really wished it was bigger than its actual size. I have no idea why they named this pizza Bad Girl but it could be because of all that anchovies. It's either you like anchovies or you totally don't. It also has red pepper, olives and garlic.

Barbequed Angus Boneless Beef Riblets (P440) 

Meatloaf and Gravy (P390) 

Cafe Rep's Cripsy Bagnet Pork Belly (P295)

Finally, the main courses have arrived. Unfortunately, all of us were nearing our limit of food intake since there were a lot of tummy-filling dishes before that. It did not matter though because all the main dishes were extraordinarily good. My eyes immediately lit up when I got to take a bite out of the crispy crunchy bagnet. You wouldn't even notice that there is rice underneath it with all those veggies on top. The riblets are so tender that I couldn't help but take one bite after another. One of the bloggers actually sliced the meat loaf for all of us and it was really great especially when mixed with the gravy.

 Linguine Vognole (P350)

BLT - Bacon, Linguine &Truffle Cream Sauce (P380)

The pasta dishes both came at the same time with the main courses which is a blessing in disguise because my favorite dish of the night has got to be the BLT. I got nothing negative to say about it as it gave a new meaning to the abbreviation BLT. I will definitely order this again when I get back. The Linguine Vognole contained too many clams and it's because the clams are the main attraction of this dish and they add flavor to the pasta dish.

 Banana Foster Sundae (P230)

Trailer Park Monte Cristo (P240)

We were about to leave because our tummies were so full but everyone's frowns suddenly turned into smiles when the desserts arrived. The Trailer Park Monte Cristo (deep fried peanut butter & jelly) is highly recommended by their staff. When I got one bite out of it, I knew it was love at first sight. It was pretty obvious that everyone liked it because after I finished one piece, I looked back and everything was gone. The Banana Foster Sundae is banana cupcake a la mode. I LOVE banana cupcakes so I was delighted to see an even sweeter version right in front of me. It is just a shame we weren't able to save room in our tummies for these two but once again, that was completely our fault.

Ever since it opened last October 9, Universe Gastrolounge has delighted party goers with its themed nights: "Timeout Tuesday", "Panic at the Disco Wednesdays", "Thank Got It's Thursday", "Finally Friday" and "Don't Stop Saturdays". Of course, you're also getting comfort food at its finest prepared by Chef Aracama. 

Universe Gastrolounge
G/F Resorts World Manila

All photos provided by Universe Gastrolounge

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Yummy! Love the pictures!


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Everything looks wonderful in pictures, especially the Monte Cristo Benedict. The egg was made perfectly. I hope they all do taste great, too! I will have to try dining here soon!

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