Catch the Christmas Fondues only at Brotzeit

This holiday season, it doesn't matter whether you were naughty or nice. Your tummy will get delighted either way with the Christmas fondues only at Brotzeit. I brought along workmates Stephanie and Gen to have a sample of this yuletide treat and we all went home with a satisfied look on our faces.

The Cheese Fondue ( P890) was up first and the sauce is simply to die for. There's a wonderful mixture of emmental cheese, gouta cheese and beer in that sauce. I never thought beer would mix so well with cheese. You can dip flank steak, nurnberger sausage, olives and pretzel into the sauce and all of them fit it so well. The flank steak is so tender and the sausage is unlike any sausage you have ever tasted. It did not take us long to finish this not because we were hungry but because it was so good.

The Valrhona Chocolate Fondue (P990) has all the makings of a complete dessert. The four choices you can dip into the chocolate sauce are oranges, grapes, apples and of course the Emperor's cake. For this one, we thought the oranges were a bit sour and the chocolate was a bit watery. The Emperor's Cake stole the show for me in this dish as you can't help but have a separate order of that after sampling those small pancake bits. Yummy!

Back to the items on the regular menu, I don't think I've tasted anything like the creamy Cheese Spatzle (P580). It is as cheesy as one of my pick-up lines. For those who don't know, Spatzle is a kind of soft egg noodle so it became a lot better when it is mixed with assorted melted cheeses and onion rings. I just thought the onion rings should have been bigger.

There won't be any guilty feelings after indulging on the Valrhona Sponge Cake with Chocolate Mousse and Kirsch (P120) because this cake does not have any flour. Despite that, it still has that rich chocolate taste we have all grown to love. 

I'm really disappointed with the Sweet Cheese Dumplings (P260).........because there are only 3 pieces. The cheese will melt when you take a bite out of these beauties. I adore the fact that it is put on top of strawberry jam. Talk about putting the finishing touches in such a wonderful masterpiece.

What did my guest critics say? Steph said everything was good and worth coming back for while Gen loved the beers especially her beer that was mixed with vodka and lime juice. She is so right since our dinner took an unexpected turn after we all had one glass. Good times!

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Roch ayon kay ...

Haha I thought the Sweet Cheese Dumplings were disappointing because of the taste. Well, I guess they're pretty addicting! Just by looking at them, I already want to eat those from the computer screen.

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