Bringing Out my Mean Side at Big Bad Wolf

I always describe myself as a bad, ruthless villain and that's just the good part. I was really looking forward to going to The Big Bad Wolf because it is a restaurant after my own heart. Not only is it the first restaurant named after an animal in the country but it is also named after a fairy tale villain. My friend Neil Paras conceptualized this comfy restaurant along with long time friends Ponch del Rosario and Mac Cunanan at the same time. 

The night didn't start out that good as I made an honest mistake in thinking they were still located at Fairways Tower. When I got there, the guard told me that Big Bad Wolf is no longer located there and he doesn't know where they transferred. I ended up searching on google maps while driving and ended up causing traffic. It's a good thing it all turned out good as the restaurant has excellent food that's worth every penny.

Encountering the Breakfast Fish & Chips (P240) is like seeing a person I haven't seen a long time. Its like it has changed but for the better. The potato strings underneath the beer battered paprika dory and fried egg made this one super scrumptious.

That damn Bastard Hot Wings (320 full, 170 half)! I should have known better than to assume it is a little spicy with all that red stuff.  It is always a mistake to trust your instincts so better ask the staff to be sure. There is also the bastard hot sauce for those idiots who like it extra spicy. Whoa, did I say idiot? I'm a bigger villain than I thought. You also have the choice of having this fried or grilled.

The Callos (P190) was presented real nicely. Looks can be deceiving sometimes but not in this case. It looks great and tastes great as well.  It had chorizo meatball, ox tripe, beef cheek and toast. I have tasted a lot of Callos versions before and this one has to rank up there as one of the best.

The Chorizo Pizza (P390) basically combines two pizzas as it also has three cheeses so it is like getting two for the price of one. The homemade chorizos were simply too tasty and I love pizzas which is why this was the first one I took a bite out of and I did not regret that decision one bit. I don't have any manners whatsoever when I decided to dive into this pizza.

Look at all that seafood in the Squid Ink Pasta (P320). There are a lot of it which is good news to all the people on a seafood diet (when I see food I eat it) out there.  Meanwhile, this bad boy will look to get your teeth black so your toothbrush will be your best friend after feasting on this tasty dish.

It was my first time to taste the Ox Tripe Sandwich (P290). I could compare ox tripe to the same thing that is usually mixed in Kare-Kare so it is my first time to eat it that's cooked this way. There is always a first time for everything and my first time eating this type of sandwich was a memorable one.  

Say hello to the biggest villain of them all! I sure made a mistake of drinking the Maxwells Mule like it was water. It contains vodka, lime ang ginger but it tasted like soda. I got into a jolly dirty mood to say the least after finishing this glass real fast and that did not go well for the other people in this event.  In fact, I would get back into that mood whenever I remember finishing this drink. That is how effective it was.

My favorite dish for the night was without a shadow of a doubt, the Strip Steak 400g (P950). The steak was so tender that I forgot I also have people to share it with. Neil asked me to have this cooked medium rare that is nearly on the well done side because one of the staff told us that it wouldn't be a good idea to have it cooked well done since it would be nearly burnt. I loved the potato wedges, asparagus, salt and sauce that came with it. This is a MUST TRY! Order this one and you'll forget your name.

Big Bad Wolf
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City

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Chorizo Pizza looks like a real winner with all those tasty and colorful ingredients. I wonder where their chorizos are from. Cebu is famous for it. The Squid Ink Pizza is another one I'll be saving in my must-try list in this restaurant as it's great for my diet. :P

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