Bringing Out my Mean Side at Big Bad Wolf

I always describe myself as a bad, ruthless villain and that's just the good part. I was really looking forward to going to The Big Bad Wolf because it is a restaurant after my own heart. Not only is it the first restaurant named after an animal in the country but it is also named after a fairy tale villain. My friend Neil Paras conceptualized this comfy restaurant along with long time friends Ponch del Rosario and Mac Cunanan at the same time. 

The night didn't start out that good as I made an honest mistake in thinking they were still located at Fairways Tower. When I got there, the guard told me that Big Bad Wolf is no longer located there and he doesn't know where they transferred. I ended up searching on google maps while driving and ended up causing traffic. It's a good thing it all turned out good as the restaurant has excellent food that's worth every penny.

Encountering the Breakfast Fish & Chips (P240) is like seeing a person I haven't seen a long time. Its like it has changed but for the better. The potato strings underneath the beer battered paprika dory and fried egg made this one super scrumptious.

That damn Bastard Hot Wings (320 full, 170 half)! I should have known better than to assume it is a little spicy with all that red stuff.  It is always a mistake to trust your instincts so better ask the staff to be sure. There is also the bastard hot sauce for those idiots who like it extra spicy. Whoa, did I say idiot? I'm a bigger villain than I thought. You also have the choice of having this fried or grilled.

The Callos (P190) was presented real nicely. Looks can be deceiving sometimes but not in this case. It looks great and tastes great as well.  It had chorizo meatball, ox tripe, beef cheek and toast. I have tasted a lot of Callos versions before and this one has to rank up there as one of the best.

The Chorizo Pizza (P390) basically combines two pizzas as it also has three cheeses so it is like getting two for the price of one. The homemade chorizos were simply too tasty and I love pizzas which is why this was the first one I took a bite out of and I did not regret that decision one bit. I don't have any manners whatsoever when I decided to dive into this pizza.

Look at all that seafood in the Squid Ink Pasta (P320). There are a lot of it which is good news to all the people on a seafood diet (when I see food I eat it) out there.  Meanwhile, this bad boy will look to get your teeth black so your toothbrush will be your best friend after feasting on this tasty dish.

It was my first time to taste the Ox Tripe Sandwich (P290). I could compare ox tripe to the same thing that is usually mixed in Kare-Kare so it is my first time to eat it that's cooked this way. There is always a first time for everything and my first time eating this type of sandwich was a memorable one.  

Say hello to the biggest villain of them all! I sure made a mistake of drinking the Maxwells Mule like it was water. It contains vodka, lime ang ginger but it tasted like soda. I got into a jolly dirty mood to say the least after finishing this glass real fast and that did not go well for the other people in this event.  In fact, I would get back into that mood whenever I remember finishing this drink. That is how effective it was.

My favorite dish for the night was without a shadow of a doubt, the Strip Steak 400g (P950). The steak was so tender that I forgot I also have people to share it with. Neil asked me to have this cooked medium rare that is nearly on the well done side because one of the staff told us that it wouldn't be a good idea to have it cooked well done since it would be nearly burnt. I loved the potato wedges, asparagus, salt and sauce that came with it. This is a MUST TRY! Order this one and you'll forget your name.

Big Bad Wolf
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City

Catch the Christmas Fondues only at Brotzeit

This holiday season, it doesn't matter whether you were naughty or nice. Your tummy will get delighted either way with the Christmas fondues only at Brotzeit. I brought along workmates Stephanie and Gen to have a sample of this yuletide treat and we all went home with a satisfied look on our faces.

The Cheese Fondue ( P890) was up first and the sauce is simply to die for. There's a wonderful mixture of emmental cheese, gouta cheese and beer in that sauce. I never thought beer would mix so well with cheese. You can dip flank steak, nurnberger sausage, olives and pretzel into the sauce and all of them fit it so well. The flank steak is so tender and the sausage is unlike any sausage you have ever tasted. It did not take us long to finish this not because we were hungry but because it was so good.

The Valrhona Chocolate Fondue (P990) has all the makings of a complete dessert. The four choices you can dip into the chocolate sauce are oranges, grapes, apples and of course the Emperor's cake. For this one, we thought the oranges were a bit sour and the chocolate was a bit watery. The Emperor's Cake stole the show for me in this dish as you can't help but have a separate order of that after sampling those small pancake bits. Yummy!

Back to the items on the regular menu, I don't think I've tasted anything like the creamy Cheese Spatzle (P580). It is as cheesy as one of my pick-up lines. For those who don't know, Spatzle is a kind of soft egg noodle so it became a lot better when it is mixed with assorted melted cheeses and onion rings. I just thought the onion rings should have been bigger.

There won't be any guilty feelings after indulging on the Valrhona Sponge Cake with Chocolate Mousse and Kirsch (P120) because this cake does not have any flour. Despite that, it still has that rich chocolate taste we have all grown to love. 

I'm really disappointed with the Sweet Cheese Dumplings (P260).........because there are only 3 pieces. The cheese will melt when you take a bite out of these beauties. I adore the fact that it is put on top of strawberry jam. Talk about putting the finishing touches in such a wonderful masterpiece.

What did my guest critics say? Steph said everything was good and worth coming back for while Gen loved the beers especially her beer that was mixed with vodka and lime juice. She is so right since our dinner took an unexpected turn after we all had one glass. Good times!

My Big Bossing opens on December 25

Thanks to the #oneandonly Marcie Linao, I was one of the bloggers who took part in the My Big Bossing bloggers night. My Big Bossing is Vic Sotto's entry to this year's Metro Manila Festival and bossing described it as "bonggang bonggang bongga". He also mentioned the budget is pretty big but would not give any more details except that it is three times the budget of last year's My Little Bossing. 

There are three stories in the film: Sirena, Taktak and Prinsesa helmed by Joyce Bernal, Marlon Rivera and Tony Reyes. The movie stars Vic Sotto, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Marian Rivera, Pauleen Luna and Alonzo Muhlach, son of Nino Muhlach. 

During the press conference, the cast members elegantly answered questions from the bloggers. The moments I can't forget was when one blogger thanked bossing that he always gives bloggers a chance to promote his movies. Vic answered by saying that they don't ask him when he is going to get married, which got a good laugh from the crowd. As expected, Ryzza Mae stole the show with her punchy one-liners and cute facial expressions. I admired her wise answers especially when a blogger asked her about her co-star last year, James "Bimby" Aquino-Yap. She would always answer with "I prefer to keep my private life private".

Nino Muhlach was asked what the difference was between today's child stars and during his time when he was a child star. He answered that it is a lot different now that child stars are getting a lot of attention unlike before when they would only appear in a few movies. Now, child stars are also getting endorsements and guest appearances on TV. His son Lorenzo definitely stole the show when everyone thought he was so cute when he danced to the theme song of My Big Bossing.

Catch My Big Bossing only on theaters on Christmas Day.

Experience the #bestpartyever at Boracay Pub Crawl

I decided to join Boracay Pub Crawl #468 on my last night at Boracay and it was the best decision I had ever made. I made a lot of new friends as their slogan of turning strangers into friends turned out to be so true. I love meeting new people and there were like a hundred of us who joined (which is amazingly the normal amount of participants) so it is impossible to not meet people here. 

All the participants vary in nationality since you are in one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Boracay Pub Crawl lets you have fun in 5 bars in one night along with free shots. Wow, this night was so memorable that I can still hear the DJ's music blaring in my ears even if I am already hundreds of miles away.

with new friends Jenn and Alyssa

The Boracay Pub Crawl saved what would have been a dull weekend for me. It was raining all the time when I was at the island so it was a good thing this event still pushed through despite that. The crawl got real nasty thanks to the unpredictable antics of Captain Riza. There were actually 4 captains and they all did their roles to perfection.

Lucky fellow celebrates his birthday at the Pub Crawl

The night got even better when it is time to play games. We played a relay race while wearing party shades and the bunny hat. I could hardly remember what happened but I think the losers had to drink shots which means everyone wins. 

All photos above from the Boracay Pub Crawl Facebook page

By the end of the night, some got so drunk that they went for a swim in the beach despite the rainy weather while some were carried off to their hotel room. Whatever happens, it is all good since....


with new friends Vee, Monique and Angel

Thanks to Aliyah of for hooking me up. Contact her for fun and affordable tour packages in the island. She also made quite a cameo during the night. She showed that everyone has a party side in them.

If you haven't hopped aboard the Boracay Pub Crawl yet then you are missing half of your life. I guarantee you are going to have the #bestpartyever even though it is possible you're going to be so drunk that you won't remember anything the next morning.

Nothing Better than Crepes by the Beach at Ti Braz

Last weekend, I decided to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at Boracay. I haven't been to this island for 6  years and I saw a lot of major improvements. There are more restaurants, bars and hotels now. One of the new restaurants I saw is Ti Braz (French for Little Breton) Creperie. The owner Christine San Diego decided to expand the choices and decided to add Damianas Filipino Restaurant and Fuel (short for Fruits Used to Energize Life) Juice Smoothies too. We got a little bit of all and I have to say you are nailing three birds in one stone here since you are getting fantastic crepes, authentic Filipino food and healthy smoothies in one place.

Ti Braz opened November 4, 2008 and Damianas followed last year. The recipes of Damianas were made by both Christine and Chef June Vino. This is certainly a place you must put on your Places to Eat whenever you go to Boracay. You're not going to want to pig out in the island but with all the delicious food at Ti Braz, you are surely going to be tempted.

I started the night off with one of their energy smoothies called Revitalize (P200). It was a combination of banana, strawberry and orange. I thought strawberry overcame the tastes of the other two fruits and that made this drink have a strong taste.

I love savoury crepes so I tried the Ala King (P265). It was loaded with chicken, roasted peppers, emmenthal cheese, bechamel sauce. What a feast that was. It is certainly healthy to eat a savoury crepe instead of a rice meal and this one nailed everything for me. I love chicken ala king and it was better in a crepe.

I am trying to lessen down on rice nowadays so I went for the Pancit Miki Mihon (P120). I thought theirs had a lot of serving and that's always a plus.

I have that rule where I would always try Kare-Kare when I eat at a Filipino restaurant and this lovely restaurant by the beach would not be an exception. We had Oxtail Kare-Kare (200 Half/500 Whole). and underneath all that peanut sauce are vegetables and an assortment of seafood.  It is made from scratch using rice to thicken and fresh peanuts plus atsuete oil for the color. It is also served with their homemade bagoong.

The specialty of Damiana's (Christine's grandmother's name who was the one who got her started into cooking) is the Twice-Cooked Adobo (all chicken P300, all pork P330 and combination P300). It is served with three sauces to choose from namely adobo sauce, spicy coconut milk and classic. I loved the crunchiness of both the chicken and pork. I highly recommend this dish as it will get you addicted in no time.

One of the best-selling savoury crepes there is the Pesto (P215). The crepes are really delicious when they are served warm. Inside this yummy treat are chicken, tomato, mozarella cheese and pesto.

I finished the first drink so fast that I had another smoothie and it was the Remedy (P200) which consisted of Pineapple, Coconut water, mango and banana. It is a combination that I thought I have seen already before. When I first took a sip, I loved the mix of all these fruits. It is a drink that health buffs would love.

The dessert crepe that is usually ordered is the Mango Amour (P250). This beauty has mango, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I loved every bit of this sweet temptation that I had a hard time sharing it with someone else.

They certainly saved the best for last as we were treated with Bananifique (P345). Its got banana, nutella, vanila ice cream sprinkled with a dash of grand marnier. They actually flame the grand marnier before pouring it into the crepe. For those who don't know, it is alcoholic so it gives the crepe that unique taste.

I was really impressed by the variety of food that you can order in this place. It is not like other restaurants in Boracay where you are limited to just a few choices. I will certainly come back here the next time I decide to have vacation in the island.

Ti Braz Creperie
Station 2, Boracay Island