Mexican Madness at Molcajete

It wasn't an ordinary Sunday as me and Lina climbed up the Antipolo hill in search of Molcajete. The Mexican restaurant is owned by Chef Melo Perez and his girlfriend Chrizette. They revealed that they both love Mexican food which is why this became their first business venture.

There were a lot of beef, vegetables and cheese sprinkled all over the Nachos (P170). Can you believe that both of us actually finished this entire bowl of Nachos? I ended up using it as my fire extinguisher too for the spicy wings. 

It was pretty hard to choose a favorite among all the dishes that were served because they were all superb but if I had to pick then I choose the Pollo Pesto + Cheese Quesadillas (P160). This also comes with garlic sauce and sofrito and I really recommend dipping it into the garlic sauce as it makes it taste better.

Beware! The Chipotle Wings (P195) is so spicy that it will leave a circle of fire on your lips. I got a little sweaty here as I got a low tolerance on spices but I did like the taste of the crunchy chicken.

I really like the presentation of the Fish Taco (P95). I don't normally like the taste of fish but my eyes lit up on the first bite.

Chef Melo told us that he only put pork shoulder in the Sisig Burrito (P175) which is a good thing since I don't like it when liver is there. It also comes with garlic sauce and tomato salsa but I actually recommend eating this one without any of the two just to savor the original taste.

We ended our lunch the right way with the Rocky Road Fudge Cake (P135). I loved the warmness of the cake coupled with nuts and marshmallows along with creamy Vanilla ice cream on top. The fact that it is located inside a jar is a great idea too.

When you are in the area, I'd highly suggest dropping by Molcajete. I didn't expect much coming in here and I came away wishing they had a branch that's nearer as the location is the only thing that would turn any potential customer away.  The taste is superb and the atmosphere is pretty laid back. The ones who live nearby are lucky though.

Molcajete Mexican Cantina
Village Corner, Beverly Hills
Antipolo City

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Roch ayon kay ...

I didn't used to appreciate the flavors of Mexican food before. But after visiting a few restaurants offering the same kind of food, my anticipation to taste Mex cuisine grew. All the dishes here looked really good, especially the Pollo Pesto + Cheese Quesadillas and Fish Taco.

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