Judging the Contestants of the Next Big Food Entrepreneur Taste Test

I was lucky enough to be one of the judges at last Friday's The Next Big Food Entrepreneur taste test. The task was simple. I just had to give each contestant a score of 100 with 4 categories of taste, creativity, presentation and appearance of the booth and choose the top 15 among them. It sounded too easy when we found out that all the contestants are really trying so hard to win the prize of P100,000 and a 6 month stay at Mercato Centrale. It is indeed a prize worth fighting for so good luck to all these contestants.

Out of all the contestants, these were the highlights for me:

I won't tell you the scores I gave to the contestants but I will reveal that I gave a very high score to Siowarma Twist because their Siomai-Shawarma mix is simply off the hook. I can eat them all day.

Is it just me or does A Guy's Flan have some sort of magnet that got me there? It's probably just me because I'm such a leche flan lover and I'm glad someone thought of giving leche flan this type of treatment. First, you'll choose the custard (classic, mint, cinnamon and citrus) then the toppings (apple, blueberry, mango and strawberry). Wow, I think any combination would make me happy.

I got so ecstatic when someone decided to have a French Toast theme. HOFT or House of French Toast sure got me excited for their future so I really hope I seem them again.

I don't think there's any introduction needed for Foodgasm champs Hunger Buster. They are actually owned by Ateneo students as I am impressed how early kids these days jump into business. I won't be surprised if they do a grand slam and end up becoming the Next Big Food Entrepreneur.  These kids have a bright future ahead of them as their burgers are fantastic.

The creative ice cream flavors of Up in the Clouds got me up in there literally. They were right up there as one of my favorites. I will certainly look for them again as I kept on coming back for their ice cream. My favorite is the Maple & Candied Bacon but it would be hard to choose as they have a lot more and they're all good.

I ended up taking one too many spoons from the Beef Uragon of Bigorots. Their meat is very tender and it goes well with rice. 

Guess what? All these contestants above deserve to win.  I'm happy that I'm not the one who will pick the winner because that's going to be a real hard task.

All pictures by Christine Manansala

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Jam A. ayon kay ...

The Siomai-Shawarma looks interesting! Too bad I wasn't able to join the Food Tasting event.


Unknown ayon kay ...
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