Enjoying Japanese Specialties at Tonchaya + P1000 Giveaway

Who doesn't like Japanese food? I was really looking forward when I had Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar on my schedule. The best part was it is located at the Fort Strip where a lot of high end restaurants are located so we expected a lot from this Japanese restaurant and we came away very impressed.

Tonchaya is actually named after owner Agnes Abad's son as "Chaya" means Tea House according to my Japanese blogger friend. Ton had a girlfriend who came here and needed work so this restaurant was created. It was a funny story told to us by Agnes who is a laid back type of owner just like the atmosphere of the restaurant from the cool paintings to the wide selection of food.

In order to cater to a wider market, Tonchaya is open until past midnight serving their signature shochu- and sake- based Japanese cocktail drinks.  I guess that is why I saw a lot of big time businessmen having their late night meetings when we were there. This place is perfect for some late night drinks with friends.

We started off with some appetizers and what better way to do that than with the Crunchy Salmon Maki (P150). This spicy maki is filled with Japanese mayo, salmon tempura flakes and ebiko.

The Crunchy Tuna Maki (P150) is one delicious sushi that's going to get you addicted. Its crunchy with tuna tempura flakes and raw tuna bits on top of sticky rice. 

The Okonomiyaki (P350) is covered with Aonori (seaweed flakes), Japanese mayonnaise, Katsuoboshi (Bonito shavings), Beni Shoga (picked ginger) and Okonomiyaki sauce so much that I could not see what the toppings underneath were but they were pork, cabbage and prawns. It actually looks like a mess but it's a beautiful mess and a delicious one at that.

Everyone overlooked the Seafood Gomoku Chaahan (P295) because they didn't want to get too full. However, this fried rice mixed with prawns, squid and mushrooms was just too tempting that I couldn't resist it. I ended up eating the rice of others too. It was so good that you wouldn't notice how fast you finish it.

I love Ebi Tempura (P375) so much that it is the first thing I look for when I dive into a Japanese buffet. It is one of those dishes where one order is simply not enough.

The Beef Teppanyaki (P395) is a worldwide favorite so I'm glad we got it. I loved the tender beef cubes and the veggies that came along with it. This meshes well with the seafood chahan.

There's a lot of seafood and vegetables inside the Spicy Seafood Ramen (P380). I love the aroma of the ramen but I have low tolerance on spices so I decided to skip this one. The other bloggers thought the ramen is worth every penny though.

I told myself this night wouldn't be over without me trying their Chicken Teriyaki (P350). This set already comes with miso soup and cabbage.  The chicken teriyaki bits are simply to die for.

We ended the night with The best part I liked about Tonchaya is their big servings.  The Chirashidon 8 Kinds Sashimi (P445) is proof of that. Fans of fresh seafood would love this dish as there's slices of fresh tuna, salmon, tamagao, uni, ika, hirame, kani and shime saba on top of sushi rice.

Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen and Bar
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

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MommYOLOgy ayon kay ...

I really wanna try The Chirashidon 8 Kinds Sashimi because I am a seafood lover!

Lente Ni Hamog ayon kay ...

I always love to try ramen and I think Spicy Seafood Ramen is perfect for me because seefoods brings a perfect savory taste in all ramen.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Chirashidon 8 Kinds Sashimi seems interesting food to try! :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

Beef Teppanyaki - it looks delicious coupled with veggies.

Eddielli ayon kay ...

Ebi Tempura- I love shrimps and the first thing I order when I'm on a Japanese Restaurant is Ebi Tempura! :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

I will definitely try their Ebi Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Teppanyaki yum yum yum !

Unknown ayon kay ...

Ma try sana ang Crunchy Salmon Maki at Seafood Gomoku Chaahan ;D

Emcel Fajardo ayon kay ...

I would like to try the Chirashidon 8 Kinds Sashimi and EBI tempura

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