All Pork'd Up at BoChic

In my 5th restaurant review at Z Compound, I decided to visit BoChic owned by Zel Enriquez. BoChic opened last July with the theme of focusing on creative pork dishes. I was delighted to have a chat with Zel, a very humble young entrepreneur. She says she wanted to think of a catchy new word for a restaurant name and Bochic just came on because she calls her brother Butchoy. She also runs another business called Sidlan.

She told us how all the people who work at Z Compound are close to each other. Sometimes, they would shop for groceries together and give each others tips.  I guess it is great to have a business beside a lot of other businesses.  I admire her for going all the way from Paranaque to Quezon City though to manage BoChic though. At the beginning, it was just her and her siblings managing the restaurant but now she has a trusted staff.

The Pulled Pork (P89) is slow-cooked pork meat so you have to be patient with the cooking time but it is pretty much worth the wait. It can be served with rice or on a bun. I got the teriyaki sauce for my sandwich but there are 5 other sauces to choose from (Pesto, BBQ, Spicy Buffalo, Kimchi and Wasabi). I can't wait to try the other sauces next time. 

It's a feast that's ideal for groups as we also had the Pulutan Basket (P149). We had a mix of their specialty Turbo-Broiled Pork Crisps and Beer Candied Bacon plus a bowl of Bochic Popcorn.  All three of them sound and taste so good. 

The BoChic Popcorn (P50) is best eaten with beer.  It is actually pork flavored popcorn. Can you believe that? How about dropping by at Bochic and taking out this popcorn eh? You'll certainly enjoy your movie marathon the right way.

Adobo Flakes (P89) is another dish that can be served with either rice or on a bun. It is one of those dishes that would make you crave for more because of how crunchy and delicious it is.

The weather was so hot that I got to enjoy the Lemongrass Cooler (P45) so much. I loved the fact that it is not too sweet.

You have to taste the Turbo-Broiled Pork Crisps (P89) to find out how good it is. Words and pictures won't do justice to their ultimate best-seller. Think of lechon kawali without the excess oil and fat. It can also be served with rice or bun and comes with 6 sauces (pesto, bbq, spicy buffalo, teriyaki, wasabi and kimchi). I understand why this dish has gained a lot of fans.

Zel tells me that hopefully soon, Bochic branch out to a places like University Belt and Taft. That's such a good idea with all their budget friendly meals.

33A Malingap Street, Quezon City

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Jam A. ayon kay ...

The pulled pork sandwich and the Turbo-Broiled Pork Crisps looked sooo good! And they're both inexpensive too. Will be dropping by the place with my friends one of these days.


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