Riding the comforts of the Red Carabao Hostel

I just could not refuse when the owners of the Red Carabao hostel invited me and Mitz to spend a night there.  I knew the place is a backpacker's heaven so I pretty much knew I was going to have fun.

The whole place has a lot of stuff to read other than books.  Look at these things were posted in the wall by the guests themselves.  They pretty much evaluated their stay at the hostel in order to let the other guests know how much fun they had.

This is the blackboard where you can just leave your mark.  Seriously, it is where you can put anything you want.  Of course, there are obvious things you can't put there like discrimination and foul language.

First time in Asia?  Arrived in the country and have no idea what to do? No problem, just read on what's posted on the walls of Red Carabao and you will pretty much have an idea of what you can do in the country.  Believe it or not, a majority of the Filipinos have not even gone to their own tourist destinations yet.  They think the provinces are where its at but there are a lot of things to do in the city as well.

The best part of the hostel is the rooftop where you can get a nice view of the city.  What sets Red Carabao hostel from other hostels is the experience they get here since it is pretty quiet compared to the hostels in Makati where they have noisy surroundings.

The rates are 600 for mixed dorm, 1200 for private single and 1800 for private double.  I ended up oversleeping because it was so relaxing staying here.  When we stayed here, we also ate dinner with the other backpackers at Razon's.  We actually suggested what they would order since it was their first time eating Filipino food.  We were glad they enjoyed their dinner there as we suggested they have Sisig and Bangus.

This is the part of the hostel where you can burn some calories as there are some gym equipment, a ping pong table and a billiards table.  What better way to start the morning than to exercise eh?

Helena, me and Mitz

We have to thank Aldrich and Helena for being so accommodating to us.  I really recommend staying at Red Carabao hostel for everyone who would like a taste of what backpacking life is all about.

They also posted the Tagalog translation of several English words.  They also organize events like Jeepney Crawl for the guests to mingle with the locals.

Red Carabao Hostel
2819 Felix Huertas Street

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