Check out what's going down at the Backyard Reservoir

Each restaurant in the Zone has a theme and the theme of the Backyard Reservoir is Italian.  We met up with owners Mic and Tertius and we found out they have been friends for so long.  The Backyard is like a cool chill out place located right in the middle of the Zone.  

For appetizer, we had the Mozza Stix (P125) and Curly Fries (P65).  I loved the Mozza Stix and I thought it would be better to eat it without sauce.  The Curly Fries really fit in the pasta dishes that were served.

Our pizzas were the 3 Cheese Pesto (P190) and the El Pago (P230).  El Pago consists of their homemade sausage and that really sealed the deal for me.  I am a cheese lover so I adored the 3 Cheese Pesto.

Our pasta dishes were the Pesto Tuyo (P135), Marinara (P145) and La Onioni (P140) which is creamy mushroom and bacon.  The pasta dishes were tummy filling and just right for their prices.  

As for our sandwiches, what we got were the Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato (P145), Pastrami (P150) and Tuna Melt (P135).  My favorite has got to the the Pastrami as it has that addictive taste but the others can't be overlooked either.

We just couldn't resist taking this cute group pic wearing the mustaches.  I actually had this planned before the event as I thought it would be a great photo opportunity.  I was right as it was one of the best group photos of the year.

The Backyard Reservoir
The Zone, 33A Malingap Street

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