Renewed and Refreshed at Chelsea Grand Cafe

Chelsea Grand Cafe had first class written all over it so I understood right away why everyone was excited to have dinner here.  Me and the other bloggers I brought along were treated to comfort food like no other.

We started the night off with Creamy Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl (P250).  I loved how creamy this soup is.  The only problem is I was so hungry that I ate the entire thing and that is not a good sign since there was more food to come.  My advice is to not eat the entire bread bowl even if it does look tempting.

The best part about the Warm Double Smoked Bacon & Quinoa (P420) is the dressing which is the warm cherry balsamic. Believe it or not, this was the dish I liked the most and that rarely happens for a salad.

Who does not like to eat shrimp?  Their Prawn Gambas (P495) is spicy so it is not for people with low tolerance on spicy food like me.  However, I took the risk of eating it and it was worth it.  I enjoyed their shrimps a lot.

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Anybody who reads my blog knows that I am a carnivore.  If there is no meat for lunch or dinner then I won't get satisfied.  When the Cabemet Braised U.S. Short Ribs (P695) arrived, I was more than delighted.  The meat was so tender and I loved that it was served on Saffron and Pea risotto.

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The Cacio e Pepe e Uova (P320) is my type of pasta.  It has 2 types of cheeses and 1 hour egg.  This is the first time I have heard of a type of egg that was cooked that long.  This dish is certainly unique in so many levels and it does not disappoint in any way.

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You are surely going to get your teeth all blacked when you try the Spicy Garlic Squid Ink and Chorizo (P350).  It is one pasta dish that is going to tickle your taste buds in place you would have never imagined.

I think the Saffron "Moules Frites" (P495) stole the show as I got to eat some Chilean Black Mussels for the first time.  It came with Pommes Frites so it was an unexpected combination to say the least.  However, that does not mean that they don't fit each other because the fries will calm you down after having some of that spicy mussels.  

The taste of the Spicy Garlic Seafood & Spinach pizza (P475) would stay on you for quite some time because of the nice combination of spinach and seafood.  Chelsea is well known for their stone fired pizza pies and the flavors were magnificent.  The dough is made fresh daily so you know you are going to get something fresh.  

Vegans would love the Squash Flower, Garlic Greens & Ricotta (P395).  It is really healthy and guilt-free.  In fact, I loved it a lot myself despite the fact that I am a carnivore.

Most of us did not have any appetite left for dessert and that ended up a big mistake.  The Oven Baked Warm Brownie Smores (P275) is a real attention grabber.  You will surely forget about what is left from your diet when you feast your eyes on this beauty.  

The Chelsea "Peach Melba" (P250) is a combination of a bunch of dessert favorites including almonds, cookie crumble, mantecado and strawberry sauce plus cherry on top.  It will surely satisfy your cravings for sweets. 

The Char-Grilled Norweigan Salmon (P595) came in last and we found out it was for two people as one blogger was not able to finish it all by herself.  I thought the inclusion of mashed potato and vegetables here is a wise move as it balances the expected sour taste of the salmon even though it was not that sour as I expected.

Watch out for the opening of their new branch Chelsea Kitchen at SM Mega Fashion Hall!

Chelsea Grand Cafe
Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City

Presenting The Longest Buffet in the Philippines at Buffet 101, Glorietta 2

I got so excited when me and my Mitz were invited by Buffet 101 to try the longest buffet table in the country.  I love buffets and it shows and their buffet here at Glorietta 2 has got to be one of the most impressive.  Not only is it the longest but it also boasts quality food.  There are some buffets that concentrate on quantity rather than quality but this buffet concentrates on both.

We got so happy with all the food in front of us that we dove right into the buffet table like there was a gun shot signaling the start of a race.  We got their best sellers Salmon Sashimi, Swahe, Spicy Crab, Tempura, Oysters and Tilapia.

Their roasting section is just too good to be true.  For buffet veterans, it is the part where you can have slices of huge meat dishes.  They got roast beef, roast chicken, pork liempo and a lot more.

The length of their branch is the same length of their buffet table.  That means you are going to burn some calories just by searching for food to put on your plate in this mega buffet.  

The Glorietta 2 branch opened last September 6 and for the first month, they are giving 10% discount for cash paying customers and 5% discount for those who will pay using credit card.  It would be a treat for birthday celebrants to celebrate their birthday in the longest buffet in the country as they get to eat for free as long as they are with 3 paying guests.

Whenever I go to a buffet, the first thing I do is to look for the create your own crepe section.  I am proud to announce that they have that here and a create your own waffle section as well.

I sat down with the supervisor and the manager and they told me there is just no way to name all the dishes since they change the choices everyday.  That is great so you know you will always be getting freshly cooked food.

The refreshment section includes soda, lemonade, iced tea, fruit shakes and wine.  I loved the fact that they have watermelon shake and I think I had 3 of that.

I would kneel down to any person who manages to try all the dishes in the buffet here.  It is just too impossible no matter how hungry you are.

Whether you are a carnivore, seafood lover, rice maniac or a vegetarian, there is something for every foodie out there.

They have a team of well trained members who are all ready to attend to your need.  I actually found myself strolling in the dimsum area for quite sometime.  

Thank you, Buffet 101 for a very satisfying dinner.  I am sure everyone will brave the long lines in order to dive into the country's longest buffet.  Even if I live far from Makati, I am pretty sure it won't be long before I take a nosedive into this buffet again.

Buffet 101
3rd Floor, Glorietta 2
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FYI channel coming to the Philippines on Oct 6

A + E Networks has rebranded its channel BIO to FYI and is set to launch in the Philippines on October 6.  FYI is all about creative living that aims to inspire today's audience.  It is a lifestyle channel that covers travel, fashion, food, home and decor.  You would not want to miss the 300 hours of original content they offer each year.

The shows FYI will showcase are Tiny House Nation, Rowhouse Showdown, Destination Flavour: Japan, Destination Flavour: Down Under and Travels with the Bondi Vet.

I am personally excited for the World Food Championships starting on Oct 9, Thursdays 10 PM where a series of competitions are concentrated on a theme (burgers,fries,shakes).  There is a winner for each competition until it culminates in a best of shows winner.  Another show I am ecstatic about is Destination Flavour: Down Under.  Master Chef Australia's second season winner Adam Liaw gives us a tour of secret culinary destinations at New Zealand and Australia.

The fun does not stop there as all the other shows offer something different and gives you something to look forward to the next episode.

Max's relaunches Delivery men uniform

It was a night of surprise guests and earth shattering announcements.  Max's Celebration of Delight is a night we won't soon forget.    We were taken a trip down memory lane of the history of Max's.  The big bosses of Max's also gave their speeches. True Faith also entertained the audience by singing Max's jingle.

Iya Villania took the hosting duties for the night.  She is such a charming and beautiful lady.  She even told a story about how she would go all the way from the Philippines to the States and her family would still want to eat at Max's.

Congratulations to Max's Quezon City Circle branch.  They proved everyone wrong by bagging 1M in delivery sales.

It was finally announced that the delivery men of Max's have a new uniform on.  You will certainly recognize these good looking men now that they are wearing trademark Max's uniform.

Confetti poured in as the executive board of Max's led a toast to commemorate this milestone. 

Give the Happiest Thank You through the #ShareaCoke campaign

Coca-Cola has launched the Happiest Thank You campaign through this simple video:

What's the best thank you can give someone?  It's to call them by their name and not by "boss", "kid", "sis" and "bro".  The looks on their faces would become priceless to say the least ESPECIALLY when you give them a Coke bottle with their name on it thru the #ShareaCoke campaign.  It is a feeling that can never be replaced.

It's not too late to hop aboard the #ShareaCoke campaign.  Give the happiest thank you to the people who would appreciate it.

Check out what's going down at the Backyard Reservoir

Each restaurant in the Zone has a theme and the theme of the Backyard Reservoir is Italian.  We met up with owners Mic and Tertius and we found out they have been friends for so long.  The Backyard is like a cool chill out place located right in the middle of the Zone.  

For appetizer, we had the Mozza Stix (P125) and Curly Fries (P65).  I loved the Mozza Stix and I thought it would be better to eat it without sauce.  The Curly Fries really fit in the pasta dishes that were served.

Our pizzas were the 3 Cheese Pesto (P190) and the El Pago (P230).  El Pago consists of their homemade sausage and that really sealed the deal for me.  I am a cheese lover so I adored the 3 Cheese Pesto.

Our pasta dishes were the Pesto Tuyo (P135), Marinara (P145) and La Onioni (P140) which is creamy mushroom and bacon.  The pasta dishes were tummy filling and just right for their prices.  

As for our sandwiches, what we got were the Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato (P145), Pastrami (P150) and Tuna Melt (P135).  My favorite has got to the the Pastrami as it has that addictive taste but the others can't be overlooked either.

We just couldn't resist taking this cute group pic wearing the mustaches.  I actually had this planned before the event as I thought it would be a great photo opportunity.  I was right as it was one of the best group photos of the year.

The Backyard Reservoir
The Zone, 33A Malingap Street

Riding the comforts of the Red Carabao Hostel

I just could not refuse when the owners of the Red Carabao hostel invited me and Mitz to spend a night there.  I knew the place is a backpacker's heaven so I pretty much knew I was going to have fun.

The whole place has a lot of stuff to read other than books.  Look at these things were posted in the wall by the guests themselves.  They pretty much evaluated their stay at the hostel in order to let the other guests know how much fun they had.

This is the blackboard where you can just leave your mark.  Seriously, it is where you can put anything you want.  Of course, there are obvious things you can't put there like discrimination and foul language.

First time in Asia?  Arrived in the country and have no idea what to do? No problem, just read on what's posted on the walls of Red Carabao and you will pretty much have an idea of what you can do in the country.  Believe it or not, a majority of the Filipinos have not even gone to their own tourist destinations yet.  They think the provinces are where its at but there are a lot of things to do in the city as well.

The best part of the hostel is the rooftop where you can get a nice view of the city.  What sets Red Carabao hostel from other hostels is the experience they get here since it is pretty quiet compared to the hostels in Makati where they have noisy surroundings.

The rates are 600 for mixed dorm, 1200 for private single and 1800 for private double.  I ended up oversleeping because it was so relaxing staying here.  When we stayed here, we also ate dinner with the other backpackers at Razon's.  We actually suggested what they would order since it was their first time eating Filipino food.  We were glad they enjoyed their dinner there as we suggested they have Sisig and Bangus.

This is the part of the hostel where you can burn some calories as there are some gym equipment, a ping pong table and a billiards table.  What better way to start the morning than to exercise eh?

Helena, me and Mitz

We have to thank Aldrich and Helena for being so accommodating to us.  I really recommend staying at Red Carabao hostel for everyone who would like a taste of what backpacking life is all about.

They also posted the Tagalog translation of several English words.  They also organize events like Jeepney Crawl for the guests to mingle with the locals.

Red Carabao Hostel
2819 Felix Huertas Street