Leckeres Essen zu Brotzeit

For those who don't speak German (like me), the title means delicious food at Brotzeit.  That was exactly what I encountered when I came to Brotzeit last week.  It was actually my first time to try German food and I came away very impressed to say the least.  The food that was prepared for us was meant for the rainy season which arrived just in time since we are currently experiencing some kind of tropical depression in the area.

We were welcomed by Chef Ivan and owner Malvin Ang when we arrived.  Malvin told us that the place is usually packed during times when there are sports evens like the world cup, NBA Finals and a Pacquiao fight.  They also have some regular German customers who noticeably come in every night which are added to their loyal Filipino customers too.

First up, we had the Kraftfleisch (In house cured Corned Beef P590).  It also came with Potatoes, Garlic Sausage and Carrots.  This dish was a real winner and it is really perfect for the rainy season as the hot beef broth along with the scent of marjoram will make you want another one right away.


As a carnivore, my eyes went from chink to big in a matter of seconds when I saw the Rindsragout (Beef Stew - P490).   It is in vegetable sauce with spaetzle, apricot and cranberry.  The meat is so tender and the spaetzle really went hand in hand with the beef.  I just thought it would have been better without the cranberry.

The Lachs Blumenthal (Salmon with potatoes and Bois Boudrin sauce P590) had comfort food written all over it.  It is a shame how I'm not that big of a seafood fan but I was still able to appreciate this dish. 

My favorite among everything that was served was by far the Huhner Eintopf in Blattertieg (Chicken Pot Pie with beer infused sauce, carrots and onions P350).  It is one of those dishes that I would not mind eating the entire day.  In fact, it was so good that I ended up ordering another one since I ate most of it so my guest photographer that day was not able to taste it that much.  When the second one came in, I ended up eating most of it too.

Everyday is cheat day and this day was no exception so we decided to have the Nachispeisen Teller (Dessert Platter P650).  It contained all of their best selling desserts and each one is available to be ordered separately too.  The platter consists of 3 scoops of ice cream, vanilla crepe, chocolate crepe, warm chocolate cake and applestrudel.  I actually enjoyed the vanilla crepe the most as I kept on having one bite after another like someone was going to take it away from me.  The ice cream is good too and I learned from Chef Ivan that they have a supplier that makes their ice cream exclusive for them so you won't find their ice cream anywhere else.

The Kaiserschmarren (Shredded pancake with plum sauce P350) caught me by surprise because it did not look good at all but when I got to taste it, it tasted really good.  There is actually a story behind this dish but it depends on who you hear it from.  My version goes like this: One hunter was so hungry from hunting in the woods that he decided to head over to the nearest cabin for some food.  He saw an old lady and he told her that he is really hungry.  The old lady decided to make food from everything that was in her cupboard and fed it to the hunter.  The hunter turned out to be a good friend of the Austrian Emperor so the emperor himself approached the lady and told her it was good.  The lady could not believe it at all as she told the emperor that it is just rubbish which led to the name Kaiserschmarren because it means emperor rubbish.  I have to agree with the emperor though as it tastes real good but I wish it was with chocolate sauce instead of plum sauce as I thought it would make it more delicious but that's just me.

Prost! A German food tasting event would not be complete without sampling their beer.  I actually remember one time when I was talking to a German and he told me that in Germany, they get drunk twice as often as Filipinos so it was no surprise to see them hanging out at bars here often. I had bayrischer long drink which had lager beer, lime juice and vodka (the one on the right) while my companion had Hefe-Weissbier which is the number one beer in Germany. It is one beer you should certainly try.

I sure enjoyed my experience at Brotzeit and there is no doubt I will be coming back for Oktoberfest which is at the end of September.  It is a great place to hang out and have beer with friends while enjoying their widescreen TV.

Unit 112, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City

DISCLAIMER: All photos were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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I know of Brotzeit only as a bar which offers alcoholic drinks. The food didn't appeal to me much; I'm not their target market. Anyway, that pancake looked good.

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