Classic Filipino Dishes with a Twist at Rustique Kitchen

I have heard so many good things about the food of Chef Bruce Lim so I was so excited to have a taste of Rustique Kitchen. The fact that this restaurant is co-owned by Gretchen Barreto and Tony Boy Cohuangco only added more reason to give this place a try.

Their Pata Fritters with Tripe Salad is a great way to start off the meal.  There is nothing better than starting off dinner with a lot of vegetables.

The Lapu-Lapu Ceviche (P350) is one very creative dish.  It is first time I actually liked Lapu-Lapu so compliments to the chef.

The Fish Market (P550) gets 10 points for presentation for me.  However, I don't like seafood that much so I did not get to try this.  I saw the other bloggers loved it though.

Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Jam (P450) is one dish that would go great with their signature mocktails.  This dish is better ordered while having some long stories with friends.

I got no complains about the Country Pumpkin Pasta (P385).  I love pumpkin and the pumpkin sauce on top of the quarter hen makes it have that unique taste that you will crave for a very long time.

The LDB and Duxelle (P435) is a dish made in heaven for me.  Lengua is my favorite dish and to see it in this version of having creamy crust, you knew I would have a priceless reaction on my face.  It was too bad I did not get to taste it that much since the other bloggers loved it too but I will surely come back for it.

Chef Bruce Lim's version of Tortang Talong (P150) has some salted eggs on top.  It is certainly a dish that is best combined with their main courses.

Salmon lovers would love the baked Salmon slab.  This dish is not yet on the menu but I really love the fact that Chef Bruce Lim is preparing some dishes that are good for the entire family. 

It does not get any tastier than the Beef Steak Pasta (P390).  The cheese on top of the beef strips just made it even better.  The meat is also very tender.  This dish is one you should order when you come here.

The best dish of the night was by far the Sizzling Ox Tail Kare-kare (P550). I have tasted a lot of Kare-Kare dishes over the years and Chef Bruce Lim's version is the best one by a huge margin.  I would certainly come back here for this dish.

Chef Bruce Lim's Signature Buko Pie (P150) is a must try.  I completely forgot about everything else after taking a taste out of this one. 

After the Queso Puti Cheesecake (P250) and Warm Chocolate Tart (P250), I must say that this was a fulfilling dining experience in more ways than one.  There is no doubt I will contact them for a reservation because I want to celebrate a special occasion here.

See you soon, Chef Bruce Lim. 

Chef Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen
820 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City

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Roch ayon kay ...

Bruce Lim is such a known chef. This is my first time to know that he has a restaurant in Makati. We'll try to visit this soon. All dishes featured here are making me salivate! :)

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