Zambawood - Where Dreams are made of

One day I woke up in a house that is fit for no less than royalty.  I exited the room and saw a wonderful swimming pool with two good looking fountains.  I saw thru the pool that we are just one kilometer away from the beach.  I opened the front door and saw that there is a farm with live animals including a carabao and chickens.  I realized quickly that this is no dream and I am not sleepwalking.  This is Zambawood, where dreams are made of.

Flashback to two weeks ago..

I was supposed to meet with Zambawood marketing officer Sid at a coffee shop in Trinoma.  We met for an hour and talked about how I would be able to organize a blogger event for Zambawood.  I knew this was going to be the blogger event of a lifetime.  

Fast forward to present day..

We arrived at Zambawood and I just could not believe my eyes at this place.  My jaw dropped in amazement as this 24 hectare place is just too good to be true.  It turns out that the owner Rachel Harrison designed the place herself as she is an architect by nature.  Everything from the bathrooms of the bedrooms down to the kubo outside the house would take the breath right out of anyone who decides to stay here.  Words can’t describe how marvelous the interiors here are as you got to see it to believe it.  Their rate of 20k overnight on low season and 24k during high season is worth every penny.

Rachel Harrison is such a nice and humble lady.  There is never a dull moment when she is around.  She knows how to make guests at her lovely place feel right at home.  I saw personally how good of a mother she is to her son Julyan.  

For the food, she has 3 chefs who prepare fresh food.  You can be sure the food here is fresh as they get the ingredients from just outside the house where a farm is located.  We had pinakbet, liempo, daing, tinapa rice, galungong and longganisa among others.  I really have to give compliments to all three chefs as everything that was served to us was delicious. Of course, who would not like their free flowing wine?  You got the option of choosing between their red wine and white wine.  


Zambawood is so big that I even joked to put up a condominium in the middle.  You can ride the ATV, do yoga at the kubo, jog in the woods and even play paintball.  The number of activities you can do at Zambawood is endless.  You just have to use your creative juices.  There is indeed a reason why a lot of movies choose to shoot here.  

When you decide to go to Zambawood, you are going to stare in awe at this magnificent place.  It is by no means a figment of your imagination. No matter how many times you pinch yourself, this is not a dream.   

This is reality.

Zambawood is for real.

Enter your dream vacation. 

Directions to ZAMBAWOOD


Only 3.5 hr drive from Manila or 1 hr 45 min from Clark

  • from NLEX: take SCTEX exit (last tollgate of NLEX)
  • from SCTEX: take route going to Subic/SBMA
  • from SBMA tollgate: turn RIGHT into Rizal Highway
  • Go STRAIGHT (past Harbour Point Mall) till you reach the dead end
  • Turn LEFT (on your right is the tollgate to Olongapo City)
  • Turn RIGHT at the first intersection (Canal St)
  • Exit Kalaklan Gate (tollgate to Zambales)
  • Turn LEFT going to Zambales
  • Go STRAIGHT along the path, passing Subic Town, Town of Castillejos, Town of San Marcelino and Town of San Narciso)
  • from Town of San Narciso: turn LEFT right after the San Narciso Town Hall
  • Follow road signs going to CRYSTAL BEACH
  • Drive past Crystal Beach Resort all the way to the end of the road. You will see an iron gate. That is Zambawood

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