The Katsu Wars end at Saboten

Once upon a time, katsu themed restaurants began popping up all over the Metro.  You probably have tried more than one of them.  While that was a long time ago, it is safe to say that war has ended.  It came to a close because none of those restaurants could come close to Saboten. 

We have the Raintree Restaurants to thank for bringing Saboten's mouth watering katsu from Japan to Manila.   Each katsu set comes with unlimited cabbage but every Katsuholic in Manila already knows that even if you don't tell him.  Saboten's version of cabbage was quite impressive if I do say so myself.

The healthy ones would love the fact that the katsu sets also come with unlimited picked vegetables.  These vegetables would fit perfectly with the katsu dishes.

There are two dressings for the cabbage, the sesame seed dressing and the yuzu (citrus based) dressing.   I personally liked the sesame seed dressing but others may have a different opinion.


I had the Specialty Course "Yuki" or Snow (P595) and this included pork loin karaage, two deep fried shrimp and one rolled cutlet with the choice of cheese, asparagus or plum.  I asked them what their best seller was and they said cheese so I went with that but I want to try the asparagus one next time.  Apart from the unlimited rice, cabbage, miso soup, pickles and two appetizers of your choice, you also get Vanilla or Green Tea ice cream.  I am so glad I ordered this as my tummy was so happy after a very hearty meal.

I had the Creamy Green Tea (P195) for drinks.  This one nailed it for me.  It is a little too sweet though but I am a green tea fan so I can live with that.  It is like the rock salt and cheese thing with milk tea so it is advisable to not use straws when drinking this one.

The Clay Pot Tenderloin Set (P440) is an improved version of the Tonkatsu we all used to love.   There is no doubt this will be the set I will order the next time I come back here.  I love tonkatsu and they really have a nice version of it.  In fact, staring at the dish made me really jealous.


The Mille-Feuille Combo Set (P595) sure combined all my favorites into one irresistible package.  Its got one crab cream croquette, one deep fried shrimp and of course a 130g serving of Mille-Feuille.  This combo set is going to win over many fans real soon.

Another specialty course that caught my eye is "Hana" or Flower (P535).  The main course is something worth waiting for as it is one tenderloin cutlet 50g and loin cutlet 65g.  It also comes with a dessert of your choice plus unlimited miso soup, pickles, rice and a couple of appetizers of your choosing.  

Both the vanilla and green tea ice cream were on the money.  It would not hurt at all if you chose either one of them for your combo set.

Chocolate lovers would love the Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cake (P195).  Unfortunately, I am not really a chocolate lover but I still loved it.

The Matcha Lychee Almond Cake (P210) is a perfect ending to a long and tumultuous process of trying to finish your katsu meal.  You have to admit it will take you long especially if you are sharing lovely stories with a friend and this cake is the best way to end it.  

G/F Glorietta 5
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