Sobrepena now a fugitive of justice?

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Pasay RTC Judge Pedro De Leon Gutierrez issued an arrest warrant against Camp John Hay Development Corporation head Robert Sobrepena for estafa.  Because of that, his rival state owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority head Arnel Casanova said that he is now a fugitive of justice until he turns himself in.  They have proven that Sobrepena owes Casanova P1.15 billion.  There may be an arrest warrant but you won’t see any bounty placed on the head of Bob Sobrepena.  This is because everyone is secretly siding with the businessman since Bobby is trying to get the Camp John Hay project going.

The BCDA should stop pinning everything on poor Bobby.  Because of Bobby, there were a lot of people in Baguio who were able to get into their dream job at Camp John Hay whether it is at the kitchen or at the golf course.  Camp John Hay is so big that it also provided a place where people can relax for people who are always busy with their jobs.  There are so many things that you can do here including horseback riding.  That’s not even mentioning the fact that the food here is delicious.  

I find it odd how Judge Gutierrez did not notice how the BDA breached their own agreement with the CJHDevCo because of the 3rd RMOA.  Sobrepena is not a criminal and he should not be mentioned in the same sentence as politicians who robbed the country of taxes.  He was able to do more right than wrong as he is a wise businessman.  This was actually not the first time that Casanova and company filed an estafa complaint against Bobby and company as the same thing happened in August of 2012 when CJHDevco board of directors made everyone think they are capable of paying the annual rent.

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