Is the end near for the Camp John Hay dispute?

The Bases Conversion Development Authority and Camp John Hay Development Corporation are going to start an arbitration process to settle their long dispute over Camp John Hay.  However, that does not mean that Camp John Hay is saved because this entire thing is a long way from being settled.  It is just too bad because Camp John Hay is one of the finest tourist spots in the entire city of Baguio.  

BCDA CEO and President Arnel Casanova stated that he is not even sure if they are willing to abide by the court’s arbitration order.  Casanova is even wondering about Camp John Hay Development Corporation’s financial capabilities.  They even filed an estafa case against them as this has turned into a wild mess.  Casanova should really think more about his own country rather than himself.  A lot of people go to Camp John Hay during long weekends with their families and they are pushing for Camp John Hay to be brought down to pieces.

There are a lot of things to do in Camp John Hay like horseback riding, rappelling and playing paintball.  There are picnic grounds there that you can use to spend some quality time to bond with nature.  They also have some nice restaurants to eat.  The guests here can also play golf and enjoy the big golf course provided.  The Forest Cabins and Country Homes here were designed to perfection and guests can choose to live in any one of them. Camp John Hay is also a good place to hold a wedding, birthday or any other celebration.  It is no secret Camp John Hay is a place to relax and unwind.  It would be sad to see a nice place like Camp John Hay go down just because of the greediness of Casanova and company. 

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