Is the BCDA in cahoots with Ayala?

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The BCDA sure is working hard to dispute what SM Prime Holdings Inc has done over a land they leased in Taguig.  They got the land in a bidding so there is nothing wrong with what they did which is a mall named SM Aura.  There is an agreement that SMPHI should also use the property to not only have a mall but also government offices and recreational centers.  They did just that as there is a tall building beside the mall for government offices.  In fact, the BCDA does not really have a valid point right now since their argument falls real short.

Some have pointed out that they are in cahoots with Ayala since Ayala owns SM Aura’s closest competitors Market Market and Bonifacio High Street.  Filipinos would usually crowd whatever is new since they are curious to see if it is worth going to so it is understandable if they would want to try SM Aura right now since it is newer than Market Market and Bonifacio High Street.  Market Market is probably the oldest and it sure looks that way.  Ayala has had its way over SM in some areas including being the mall that got connected to North Avenue station.

Ayala should not join forces with BCDA anymore as they should welcome the competition in the form of SM Aura.  IF they really want to find out which is better among them then they should let SM Aura be and see which mall would attract the more people.  It would be hard to determine the winner on the first few months but it would be easier when a few weeks pass by.  There is no doubt Ayala has the edge though since they have more restaurants and stores at Market Market and Bonifacio High Street.

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Lei ayon kay ...

I totally agree with you Ayala should just let this one go.

sir rob ayon kay ...

I knew it that there are more to this dispute and it is not just BCDA. What surprises me is that why BCDA are hitting on SM where Taguig is the owner of the land while SM is only leasing it.

Gil Camporazo ayon kay ...

Nope! BCDA is jealous or has something to compete with. This issue is a business jealousy as far as I see it.

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