Escudero: President Aquino should provide a list of projects where DAP went to

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Senator Chiz Escudero wants President Ninoy Aquino to list down the list of projects where his new program went to.  He wants the president to tell the public the funds were only used for good purposes.  He is right as the president should get the trust of his fellow countrymen and women.  DAP means disbursement acceleration program and it is a program that uses unused funds for the benefit of projects.  Chiz is saying the public needs to have assurance that those funds would indeed be used for the right purpose.

The public is still recovering from the infamous pork barrel scam that got 3 senators in jail including a 90 year old man so the last thing we need right now is something that is similar to what happened.  Nobody knows whether or not President Aquino will indeed reveal the list of projects the DAP went to but he can do that in his speech tonight.  He scheduled a speech to address the public about the DAP ahead of his scheduled state of the nation address that is scheduled to happen on July 28.  A lot of people are anticipating this speech since the DAP hasn’t exactly been something that the public has liked.

Secretary Abad tries to resign from his post as the secretary of the Department of Budget and Management but President Aquino stops that from happening since he is doing a good job with his job.  It has not been a good past few weeks for the president as there were calls for impeachment and demands for an apology.  There is no doubt the president will want to get on the good side of the Filipinos by issuing a public apology in front of national television.  However, nobody knows if the DAP will still continue after that or not anymore.

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I totally agree with Senator Escudero PNOY should give a list where and how the money was spent.

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