All eyes on MPIC’s 30 year proposal for MRT3

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As someone who rides the longest MRT in the country every day of the week, I was relieved when I found out about the proposal of the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation that they plan on expanding the train.  That means the number of cars in each train will be doubled. The number of trains roaming around will be doubled as well.  I have experienced commuting on the MRT too many times to tell you that it is not a good experience to ride the train during rush hour.  The people there are so unruly that they would push each other around just to ride the train.  

The MPIC have offered to do the Swiss challenge for the bidding which means other corporations have the right to top their offer with an even better proposal.  However, they still have the right to match the best proposal.  In my opinion, that sounds like a fair proposal from the MPIC.  I expect a lot of corporations to come up with better offers but it would be hard to top their proposal as a lot of people are already looking forward to this 30 year project to get underway.  

By the time the construction of the new trains is done, the population of the country is expected to increase anyway.  That means we all have a need for the trains to get enlarged or else the amount of zombies lining up to the MRT during rush hour will only get worse.  The sight of people lining up to the MRT North Station every time it is 7 in the morning looks like a scene from TV series the Walking Dead.  By the time you get out of the train, you are going to smell like sweat which is not good when you are on your way to the office.

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