Fun with Philip premiers at GMA News TV on June 14

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the press conference of Philip Abadicio's new show  Fun with Philip that is going to be shown at GMA News TV starting on June14.  It is going to air only on weekends from 3 PM up until 3:30 PM.  Philip will once again explore new places to eat and innovative ways to lose weight in this highly anticipated show.

Philip won't be alone in the show as he will be backed up by his sidekicks better known as FunKicks.  They are Bryan Santos as the fitness coach, Hilda Ehrenberg as the stunning "Bru-hilda" and Madam Venus the fortune teller.  During Philip's food trips, he is going to be surprised when Bryan pops up and tells him the amount of calories he is going to consume.  That was also the case when he told us the crispy pata we ate was 800 calories (that did not stop me from eating a lot of it though).

Just like Philip's other shows, a lot of prizes can be won in Fun with Philip so tune in on the show to find out how you can win cool prizes. 

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