Enjoy the Coffee at Caffe Pascucci

I was lucky enough to got an invite from marketing head CT Camat to try the coffee at Caffe Pascucci Shop.  I brought my girlfriend with me and we found out that Caffe Pascucci is franchised from Italy.  It actually originated from Rimini, Italy which is a place known for its coffee in the country.  The first branch in Glorietta opened last October 1, 2013 but we chose the Robinson's Galleria branch since it was nearer.  They certainly have a relaxing ambiance and friendly staff on hand.  You won't notice how fast time flies when you are here.

It was a good thing we just ate dinner as we were really craving for dessert and we decided on the Arancione Cheesecake (P195).  It looked really good and when we tasted it, we found out that it tasted even better.  It is smooth and creamy topped with fresh orange flavor.  I was actually shocked at how short it took for us to finish this cake.

We got the highly recommended Banana Rock (P160) and the Fraspuccio Confuso (P155).  I quickly understood why the Banana Rock is one of their best sellers.  It is one of those drinks that will make you crave for more.  The Fraspuccio Confuso is perfect for those who have the sweet tooth.  It contains caramel syrup, biscuit and that addicting confuso cream.  The Banana Rock contains chcolate syrup, banana syrup and whipped cream.  

We had a fulfilling experience to say the least at Caffe Pascucci.  There is no doubt we will be back.

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Try the new Lobster Wagyu Burger of Johnny Rockets

As a fan of burgers, I was delighted when my friend Ayzee invited me to try out the new burger of Johnny Rockets.  I was lucky enough to be one of the selected bloggers in the event.

The program started with Johnny Rockets EVP-COO Edgar Bondoc giving a small speech.  He explained that Johnny Rockets is well known for its burgers and shakes.   He is so right as I got to taste the milkshakes of Johnny Rockets and they were truly magnificent.  As for the burgers, everyone has their favorite but it would take me a long time to pick out a favorite since they are all good.

Out came the staff of Johnny Rockets for a little dance number to the delight of the customers.  I admit they got the moves and they should consider joining a dance competition.  It is really entertaining to watch them dance while you are waiting for your food to be served.  It makes me wonder if they all got trained to dance like that.

The Lobster Wagyu Burger (P925) came with lobster bits on top of the burger patty along with one piece of lobster.  It also came with french fries and Johnny Rockets is known as the only restaurant in the country with unlimited fries.  The burger is pretty good I really recommend it.  I guarantee it is going to become one of their best sellers in no time.

Head over to the nearest Johnny Rockets branch today and try this new burger with your family and friends.  They have branches in Eastwood, Burgos Circle, Tomas Morato, Forbest Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Subic Harbor and the East Wing of Shangri-la Mall.

WHO PEEP? happens on July 12

Aldous ate the World is a proud media sponsor of WHO PEEP?, a fundraising dance concert happening on July 12  7 PM at the Skydome, SM North Edsa.  It is for the world hip hop dance championships to be held in Las Vegas.

Tickets are available at only P250.  To find out more information about where to buy, simply reach out to UPeepz via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Special thanks to the sponsors: Iphone, Unilever, Stay Dope Clothing, WIP Caps, Rush Dance Studio, Celebrity Sports Plaza, Neat Feat, Titania and Rio Mints.

Buy your tickets now and witness the UPeepz perform live.

Heavenly Dishes at Sunshine Kitchen

I have read so many nice reviews about Sunshine Kitchen and that is just one of the reasons why I was so excited to go here.  It is located at the 2nd floor of the Fort Strip where a lot of good restaurants are but Sunshine Kitchen is simply in a class of its own.  We met with one of the owners Chef Tanya Chua and she was also the one who conceptualized the menu. 

I had Fresh Orange Juice (P180) for drinks and I can sense that this drink is full of vitamin C.  I enjoyed it a lot and it did not take long for me to have another one.

The Crispy Medley of Cheeseballs with Pimento Puree and Marinara Sauce (P290) is the perfect dish to order when you go here for happy hour.  It is crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside.

The Artichoke and Mushroom pizza (P550) was very impressive since it was not oily by any means.  I love mushrooms too and even though this was a bit pricey, I can say that it is worth every penny.

I wanted to cut down on my pork eating habits but along came the 6 Hour Slow Roast Porchetta (P550) and it changed everything.  I was not surprised one bit at the fact that this is their signature dish.  It is certainly a must try.

The Porchetta Sandwich (P390) is the same 6 hour slow roasted porchetta but in a crisp ciabatta bread.  The other bloggers ignored this sandwich and they made a big mistake because when I tried it, it turned out to be something you should not miss.

The health buffs would love the Pan Fried Sole in White Wine and Caper Sauce with Tomatoes (P390).  When I got to try it, I found out the fish was really tender.

I admit that I am a carnivore and the Beer Braised Beef Belly (P490) is a dish after my own heart.  It was not that appreciated by the other bloggers because they were watching their diet but I was able to appreciate it in more ways than one.

One dish to watch out for is the Angus Steak and Eggs Benedict as this dish is not yet on the menu so we got to try it first.  My eyes really lit up when I got to try it as I predict this will become one of their best sellers in the future.

After that, the lunch was over.   Or was it?

Of course not!

I just had to pull a few tricks off my sleeve and out came the Truffled 4 Cheese Pasta with Smoked Bacon (P420).  Oh boy!  Am I glad this dish made its way out because it is my favorite out of all the dishes that were served.  I thought everyone was already full but they all proved me wrong as this dish got empty in a few minutes.  It was that good.

Before I got here, a lot of friends were telling me to not miss the Cabanatuan Longganisa Paella with 2 Fried Eggs (P480).  They were so right as I have to admit this is one of those dishes that I can eat all day without getting full.  The next time I go back to Sunshine Kitchen, I would order this right away without even looking at the menu. 

The desserts finally arrived and it started with the Toblerone and Cheese Crisp (P260)It is cool how their dessert dishes (actually all of their food) are exclusive to Sunshine Kitchen.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself craving for the Toblerone and Cheese Crisp a few days after you taste it.

Don't feel bad if you get addicted to the Key Pie Lime ice cream (P240).  In fact, that is exactly what happened when we got to taste it.  One of the bloggers got so addicted that she wanted to know the price of one pint. 

Don't miss out on their P399 lunch sets that are available during weekdays as it includes most of the food above.  The lunch sets already include soup or salad and house iced tea apart from the meal itself.  You are certainly lucky if your office is just near the Fort Strip.  

Looking for wine after office hours?  Look no further than Sunshine Kitchen as they have a Wine All You Can promo at only P599 during weekdays from 6 to 9 PM.

I really recommend trying out all the food here at Sunshine Kitchen.  They certainly defined the true meaning of comfort food.

Sunshine Kitchen
2nd Floor Fort Pointe Bldg 1
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

50% off of Xiao Long Bao dumplings at Modern Shanghai

Modern Shanghai has a special treat to everyone for the whole month of June and July every Thursday.  They are giving out the irresistible Xiao Long Bao at a 50% off its normal price.  For those who haven't tried this dimsum dish yet then you don't know what you are missing.  Take advantage of this magnificent offer now at the Modern Shanghai branch nearest you.

Modern Shanghai has branches in Glorietta 2 and SM Mall of Asia.

One Epic Sunday at Marquee Mall + P3200 worth of Penguin Polo Shirt Giveaway

I never thought I would go back to Marquee Mall anytime soon but here I am again thanks to the wonderful folks over at Ayala.  I brought 3 of my blogger friends with me and it was an epic Sunday to say the least.  

We landed at Marquee Mall around 12 noon which means it is time for lunch.  We ate at Apag Marangle and they are a fine Kapampangan restaurant.  We even got to eat some exotic food in crickets and frogs and I have to admit I was totally not prepared for that.  How did I do when I got to try the crickets and frogs?  Lets just say it did not go the way I wanted it to.  I have to admit their crispy pata is good and I was the one who ate most of it.

After that, it was time for what we were waiting for as it was shopping time.  I really suck at shopping as it took me a long time to really decide what I wanted.  The four of us decided to stick together as a unit but did that happen?  Of course not!  We ended up like the Scooby Doo gang and splitting up to search for, not clues, but cool shopping finds.  I ended up on a pink Jansport bag and a Penguin polo shirt which I will be giving away to one lucky winner.

It was time for the Style Origin fashion show!  A lot of brands were represented here and I just could not decide which model I would take a photo of since they all look fine with the clothes they are wearing.  I ended up posting a lot of photos on my Instagram account (@team_aldous) until my fingers got tired.

We came to the last leg of this awesome series of events by Marquee Mall and it is a concert by Ely Buendia.  He performed a lot of classic OPM hits including "Maling Akala" and Eraserheads original "Walang Hiyang Pare Ko".  Everyone was really into the songs as a lot of people were singing along.

Thank You to Bianca of Socialytics, Marquee Mall and Ayala for an event Roch, Eyah, Rhea and me will never forget.  

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Angelina Jolie carries Maleficent on her back

It was a jam packed cinema 1 at Trinoma when we attended the block screening of Maleficent.  The cinema was a joy to watch at as the seats were clean and they were comfortable to sit in.  I live just ten minutes away from Trinoma so I always frequent the cinemas here.  The only thing I don't like about watching at the cinemas is the fact that other people are too noisy and become a distraction.  

Speaking of seats, Angelina Jolie basically carried the entire movie on her back.  Her portrayal as the villain to the Sleeping Beauty was magnificent to say the least.  She showed everyone exactly why she is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.  She hasn't been acting much lately though as the last time I saw her in a movie was in The Tourist alongside Johnny Depp and that movie was good.

Angelina Jolie was the only one I recognized in the movie as the other actors were a bunch of unknowns or I just haven't been watching a lot of movies lately.  The movie itself looked a bit rushed as some scenes were acted out quickly.  They were lucky Angelina Jolie signed on to play Maleficent as I don't think another actress could have pulled that off.  

This movie is a Disney film so I did not really find the dry humor that funny.  It put a new twist to the fairy tale known as Sleeping Beauty, not that there is anything wrong with that.  

Fun with Philip premiers at GMA News TV on June 14

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the press conference of Philip Abadicio's new show  Fun with Philip that is going to be shown at GMA News TV starting on June14.  It is going to air only on weekends from 3 PM up until 3:30 PM.  Philip will once again explore new places to eat and innovative ways to lose weight in this highly anticipated show.

Philip won't be alone in the show as he will be backed up by his sidekicks better known as FunKicks.  They are Bryan Santos as the fitness coach, Hilda Ehrenberg as the stunning "Bru-hilda" and Madam Venus the fortune teller.  During Philip's food trips, he is going to be surprised when Bryan pops up and tells him the amount of calories he is going to consume.  That was also the case when he told us the crispy pata we ate was 800 calories (that did not stop me from eating a lot of it though).

Just like Philip's other shows, a lot of prizes can be won in Fun with Philip so tune in on the show to find out how you can win cool prizes.