Satisfied and Tipsy after some Aged Cocktails at Rambla

It was my first time dining at Rambla in their cocktail tasting event thanks to an invite from Ross.  I really loved the atmosphere of the place.  It was no surprise how they were recognized as one of the best restaurants by Esquire magazine back in 2013.

It was one of those events that I barely remember due to the fact that I got drunk after a few drinks.  I won't forget how good world renowned bartender Giancarlo Mancino was in fixing our drinks though. 

We started off the evening with Gin & Tonic (P400) which had a mini cartwheel outside.  It had blueberries, strawberries, orange, london no. 1 gin and majoran leaves.  It was the right drink to get me energized for the rest of the evening.

While waiting for the other guests to arrive, we had Spherical Olives marinated in extra virgin Olive Oil (P45 per piece).  It was certainly a great appetizer or tapeo as they call it.  The strong olive oil taste left an after taste in me that would stay there for sometime.

Next, we had one of their salads which was the Ricotta Gnudis with seasonal mushroom sauce, rosemary and hazelnuts (P325).  I am not really a salad person but this was by far the best salad I have ever tasted.  I could have three of this in a long sit down conversation.

We headed upstairs to the bar where Giancarlo served us the rest of the cocktails.  First, we got the Aged Negroni (P495).  I really think this drink could use more ice as it left a strong taste in my throat.  I did enjoy the drink though mainly because of the ingredients Mancino Ross Vermouth, London No. 1 Gin, Campari and Orange Peel.

Giancarlo made sure to impress us with how he mixed the drinks and he succeeded in doing that.  This night was all about the drinks but that's not taking anything away from the food as it was really good thanks to Chef Pepe Lopez.

The Tequila Old Fashioned (P495) is one drink that will surely make anybody tipsy after a few glasses.  I am only a social drinker so it got me tipsy after one.  The awesomeness of this drink will make you forget that it will make you dizzy as it contained tequila, creole bitters, jagemeister, absinthe, lime and sugar cube.  The sugar cube was even literally on fire which made me give it an A+ in presentation.

It was good to hear that Giancarlo came all the way from Hong Kong and gave us a demonstration of how his drinks are made.  One of them is the Rum Manhattan (P495) which has bacardi oro, angustura orange, chocolate bitters and a cherry on top.  It is a drink that will make you forget about your problems.

We all wondered why Giancarlo had the Aged London No. 1 (P495) put inside a brown paper bag.  It turns out is just for the purpose of presentation and nothing more.  I have to admit it gives you that feeling that you are going to drink something magnificent and that is exactly what happened when I drank it.  The drink contained London No. 1 gin, angostura and tonic water.

By this time, I could not take any more drinks but out came the Harvey Wallbanger (P495).  It was a good thing I tried it as it was my favorite out of all the drinks that were served.  Its got 60 ml of aged harvey wallbanger containing vodka, aperol, contreau, galliano smooth vanilla and red orange syrup.  I could hardly taste the alcohol in this drink which made it special for me.  It also has orange juice plus a couple of orange slices.

Most of the ingredients Giancarlo used came from this Aged Cabinet.  Some liquors got stuffed for months maybe even years which is great since the longer they stay there, the better they will taste.

To cap off the evening, we had a taste of their Churros with Warm Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream (P245).  I really love churros and their version simply ruled.  It is a good thing they served this as your dizziness will lessen when you eat something sweet.

I will definitely come back to Rambla as I am curious about the meat dishes they have on their menu.  I have to applaud the nice service of the crew here and it is all thanks to owner Uri Singla who is very good looking (almost as handsome as me). 

All photos by Ellechim "Mitzai" Balitaon

G/F Joya Building
Joya Drive, Rockwell

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Roch ayon kay ...

The alcoholic content of these drinks must be really high! Goers to this place should read this post to be warned. The presentation looks good.

Chasing Jayce ayon kay ...

The cocktails look really good! And churros con chocolate y helado, I just might give churros a second chance!

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