New Brunch menu at Rambla

It was not too long ago that I was at Rambla to try their alcoholic drinks.  I got to taste their food too and it was great so I was delighted to once again get invited by the owners to sample their new brunch menu.  These delightful dishes are only available up until 4 PM. For some reason, I forgot to bring my camera so I got to thank Ross for my pics.

The food at Rambla is simply worth coming back for.  One good example of that is the Estrellados with French Fries and Gambas (P395).  The combination of sunny side up eggs, french fries and gambas was just too good to be true.  I could have several of this dish and not get sick of it.  Now, I just wish Rambla would have a buffet spread soon.


For those who are watching their diet, the perfect dish to serve you is the Crispy Rustique Sandwich and Brie Cheese, Smoked Salmon and Organic Argula (P595).  I am not really a fan of salmon but I had a bite of this sandwich and it was really good mainly because of the bread they used.

I had the Brunch Burger (P395) and it contained 100% wagyu beef plus the best french fries I have ever tasted.  I love it when the burger has egg in it .If I had to recommend burgers to someone on the top of my head then the Brunch Burger would be one of them.

Rambla's Pancakes with strawberry, cream and honey made me love pancakes even more.  It is pretty rare that I get to eat pancakes for dessert but this one was so rich that it deserves a round of applause.

I actually had churros during the beverage event last time so it was nice seeing an old friend.  The Churros (P145) had 10 pieces and the chocolate dip is just so addicting that it will send you to heaven and back.

Remember, these magnificent creations of Chef Pepe Lopez are only available from11 AM up to 4 PM.  

I got to hang out with old friends Chihuahua Mexican Grill owners Ines and Elian too.  I didn't know they were also good friends with Rambla owner Uri.  These guys are fun to be with as we shared an afternoon of good conversation and even better food.

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