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There were a couple of reasons I was excited to try the food at The Balcony Gastropub.  First, I heard that their sisig is really good and I really love sisig.  Also, I was ecstatic to meet owner Christine San Diego.  She is someone who I always see in the lifestyle section of various newspapers rubbing elbows with the country's most famous personalities.  She is also the owner of Ti Braz Creperie Boracay.  When we got to meet her, I found out she is a very humble person and a very smart entrepreneur.


I decided to brave the very heavy traffic at EDSA in order to get here.  It actually took me two hours of travel time to get to the Balcony Gastropub.  Was it worth it?  


I admit I underestimated them as I thought they only served finger food.  Boy, was I ever wrong because their main course choices are magnificent thanks to Christine's brother and co-owner Peter San Diego who has an extensive background as a chef.  

We started off with the dish that I was really anticipating, the Pork Sisig (P245).  They certainly defined what sisig should be like as theirs is really crunchy and tasty.  I think Pork Sisig has never tasted this good before.  With a dish like this as the curtain raiser, I got excited to try the next dishes and they did not disappoint me one bit.

The Twin Mac & Cheese (P345) really went well with the sisig so I was glad it was served second.  The first one was truffle scented with gruyere while the second half was cheddar & fontina with bacon.  It is without a doubt a side dish for the ages.

The highlight of the night belonged to the Chicken Alfredo Pizza (P335).  I told Christine how thin crust pizza is better than thick crust and she agreed because you would not be able to appreciate the flavor of the pizza with a thick crust pizza.  She could not be more right as we were able to appreciate the flavor of this pizza in more ways than one.  The pizza had  mozzarella, parmesan, spring onion, chili and chicken breast and this is one dish you should order right away on your first visit here.

The Chicken Pot Pie (P230) came with a flaky homemade crust that was really good.  Underneath the crust is wonderfully baked chicken that was so delicious that I kept on eating it and forgot that I was with other people.  It also came with vegetables that were ignored due to the goodness of the pie.

By this time, everyone was already grabbing their tummies because we were all so full already.  However, the Sheperd's Pie (P385) is one dish that deserves more than just a taste.  It contains ground beef, garlic mashed potato and cheese.  There is no doubt this dish will become a favorite in the eyes of many foodies.

I did not expect them to have Chicken Inasal here but they had it.  The different parts of the chicken had different prices as the leg & thigh part is P110, the breast part is P99, the wings part is P76 and the butt part is P69.  This dish is a perfect match with the cocktails of The Balcony Gastropub.

The shoestring fries of the Balcony Burger was really addicting.  In fact, they taste like Piknik.  Customers have the option of having hand-cut fries, shoestring fries or potato salad alongside the burger.  That does not take away the fact that the American Balcony Burger (P285) is very good.  The fact that it contains cheddar and bacon makes it a dish I would still want to devour even after a heavy meal.

The Mexican Balcony Burger (P285) contains jalapeno but it is separated from the actual burger.  The burger already contains cream cheese sauce and tomato salsa and that makes it an instant classic.

Despite not having any more space in our tummies, we were still delighted when the Lava Cake (P120) came out.  It is chocolate cake with caramel sauce and we all agreed that we could have finished this one even if there was one for each of us.  It was that good.

The Balcony Gastropub is known as a place where people who work at Makati would have long conversations with friends and officemates after a long day's work.  Because of that, everyone would think they have good cocktail drinks and guess what?  Their drinks were pretty impressive.  We had the Rum Juicy (P200), Ginger Daquiri (P200), Baccardi Cocktail (P200) and Rum Peachy (P200).  They are all drinks that will make you say "Ahhhhh!" after drinking them.

When people find out I am a food blogger, they always ask me for a restaurant to recommend to them.  The problem is I have tried so many restaurants over the years that I could not really decide which to recommend right off the bat.  The creation of Christine and Peter San Diego changed that perception though as I now know what I will recommend first.

The Balcony Gastropub
110 C. Palanca Jr. St. Legaspi Village, Makati
(632) 818-1551

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Roch ayon kay ...

Were there many people during that hour? Whoa 2 hours of travel is no joke. Food must be really good as you recommend them with confidence.

Mish ayon kay ...

Those pies and pizza look fresh! :) Even if I rarely frequent Makati, I would definitely love to try out this place!

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