Collect all 4 Covers of the 2014 UNO Magazine Swimsuit Special

The temperature outside is scorching hot but it can't get any hotter than the 4 cover girls of the 2014 UNO Magazine Swimsuit special.  It would really be a great idea to collect all 4 covers as this issue is red hot.  If these 4 girls are not enough to satisfy you then you can look forward to the fact that this issue also has Jacq Yu, Kookai Sarmiento, Emerie Cunanan and Georgina Knight.

Among the 4 girls, Aubrey Miles has got to be the most popular.  At first glance, nobody would believe that she is actually a mother already.  Her secret to maintaining an amazing body lies in the fact that she works out in the gym everyday.  Find out what her 4 goals for every year are in her interview.

Mercedes Cabral was actually surprised when she was included in the online poll of Cannes' most beautiful woman as it included the likes of Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek.  She actually went to Denmark for a couple of months to work on a film called Little Brother.  The director of the movie discusses on the issue why he decided to cast Mercedes in the movie.

It won't be a surprise when you spot Danica Torres at the beach as she is a total beach bum.  When she isn't taking model bookings, she is going to tour a far away country like England or Amsterdam.  She has adventurer written all over her and she knows you only live once.

Ryza Cenon is the self-confessed foodie out of the bunch.  She likes to stay home to spend time with her two dogs or bake cakes and cookies.  Her interview would shock you as she admits that she is actually an introvert and does not like going to parties.

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