Taking a closer look inside those Bag O' Shrimps

Bag O' Shrimps started when Princessita Sunga-Pastoril hosted cookouts for her friends in the States.  She loved seafood so those cookouts always contained shrimps, clams and crabs.  She decided to bring that concept in the Philippines and together with the support of her husband Jandrew Pastoril, Bag O' Shrimps was born.

Despite the amount of shrimp themed restaurants popping up all over the metro, their restaurant would always attract long lines especially from Fridays to Sundays which is why they decided to stop accepting reservations.  

They are a seafood themed restaurant in the area is required to have a different theme from the rest.  They plan to put desert soon which would consist mostly of cupcakes.  

Believe it or not, both Princessita and Jandrew did not have any culinary background prior to the opening of the restaurant.  That prompted the family members of Princessita to ask them if they are just playing around.  I guess when you are gifted then you are gifted.

Just like what is written there, it is indeed better to eat with your hands here which is why they provide plastic gloves and apron.  They are also aware that the table will get messy so they put a big paper place mat before everyone digs in.

The interiors of the restaurant were awesome as I felt like we were inside a pirate ship.  Shiver me timbers!  Another thing I noticed is that their imported beer is cheaper than their neighbors. The difference is not even small but a gap of P80-100.

One of their best sellers is the Crab Bomb Stick (P185).  The combination of jalapeno, cheese sticks and crabstick is just too hard to resist.  

The Sweet Potato Fries (P115) goes best with the shrimps, crabs and other seafood.

It was finally time for the main event.  This Bag of Shrimps (P565/453 g) was loaded with imported sausage (+P120), local sausage (+P80) and corn (+P60).  They also let you control the spiciness as this one was Bag O' Momma (Mild).  We had another bag of this and its spiciness level was Lemon Pepper (Medium).  I have a low tolerance on spicy foods so that was good news for me. 

It was a good thing the other bloggers who were with me just kept on talking as they failed to notice I ate most of the shrimps.  I have tasted a lot of shrimps in various restaurants and I must say Bag O' Shrimps has by far the best.  

Tip: Instead of eating rice, eat corn as it is the healthy alternative and goes really well with the shrimps.

Oh my, talk about a goodie bag.  This bag was filled with Clams (P295/500g) and Mussels (P295/500g).  The spiciness level was Garlic Butter (Very Hot) and I was not aware of that which is why I was sweating so bad after eating it.  It's alright though since the clams and mussels were really good.  I was never a fan of clams but Bag O' Shrimps made me a fan.

The vegetables inside the Fried Asparagus (P165) are all fresh.  They are all bought from the market on the same day it was made.  They are never more than a day old.  The best part about it is that it is unique as I haven't seen any other restaurant have something like this yet.

The Aftermath

Their food was so good that I did not notice I ate that much.  It was my first time taking an aftermath picture of the food I devoured since I did not want anybody to know I eat that much.   I must also confess it was my first time to eat using my hands.  It was like trying something new and I enjoyed it a lot. 

Bag O' Shrimps 
Tuscany Mckinley Hill, Taguig

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Elal Lasola ayon kay ...

Naks. ang bilis ah. nakakapressure. :))

Chasing Jayce ayon kay ...

Good tip there, must visit during weekdays to avoid the lines. I want to try the Crab Bomb Stick. =)

Aylin Vedad ayon kay ...

Looks promising! Since shrimp and crab are some of my favorites, I would surely visit them, but of course, during weekdays to avoid the long lines.

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