Sing & Snack at Le Mirand

Somewhere along Sumulong Highway is Le Mirand Restaurant & Recreation.  It is not that hard to find this restaurant as you just have to look on the right side while going straight and past Cloud 9 and Padi's Point.  It is a restaurant that also has e-games, billiards, darts and KTV.  There are a lot of things to do here while enjoying the overlooking view of Metro Manila.

Do you want to close that long term insurance deal with a stubborn client?  Why not take him for a meeting in Le Mirand's conference room?  A relaxing meal afterwards is just what the doctor ordered.

Are you going to celebrate an anniversary with your loved one soon?  Maybe its a monthsary or even a weeksary?  Either way, it would be a good idea to take her to the Lover's Deck of Le Mirand that goes for only P1000 per hour.  There is also a ktv in this room so you can sing your theme song.

I actually had the Stuffed Eggplant (P200) during my first visit here and I was really glad they served it again.   It really went well with the sisig and steak but be a little careful as this dish is hot from the inside.

Once the Bulalo Special (P490) came out, we knew this was going to be one special lunch.  I loved eating the beef when it was full of fats.  Due to the presence of the corn and potatoes, this dish can be eaten without rice which means it is one of those guilt free dishes.  It is one of those dishes that I could not resist when I see it on the menu and Le Mirand's version is a keeper. 

Who does not like Pork Sisig (P220)?  I don't think anybody dislikes this dish as everyone was eagerly waiting to attack this dish since we were all waiting for all the dishes to be served before we can eat them.  It was certainly worth the wait as it was the first one that ran out.

I don't think I had a bite out of the Tuna Pasta as far as I can remember since I don't really like eating fish.  However, my blogger friends raved about how it really fit their meat dishes.

I think they were being original with the Wagyu Fried Rice (P220) as it was filled with wagyu bits.  It was definitely the first time I ate fried rice mixed with wagyu and this one was a winner.

The specialty of the house is none other than the Wagyu Beef Porterhouse Steak (P1550).  It was too small for me and that was because it was too good.  You know that feeling when a steak is too big for you because it tastes bad?  That certainly was not the case here because I loved this steak.

The Baby Back Ribs with House Salad (P390 half/P790 full) is one of those dishes that will make me want to come back.  It was superbly cooked and I just could not get enough of it.

After eating, we headed to one of the KTV rooms to sing.  An hour here would cost you P1000 and it comes with pulutan and a bucket of beer or canned sodas.  The room can actually fit 10 to 12 people which means it will be one rowdy scene.  You can also play the PS4 and XBox that is in the room.

All of us took turns singing our hearts off.  We all had fun and I am sure anybody who will go here will have fun as well.  In fact, not only are songs there but if you are not in the mood for singing then you can just sit back and watch some comedy skits or UFC fights.

Did I mention the fact that I really LOVED their welcoming committee?

Le Mirand Restaurant and Recreation
Antipolo, Rizal

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