Sweet Ecstasy - From Milk & Cookies to Burgers & Shakes

Sweet Ecstasy started out selling milk and cookies but they have come a long way from that as they are now serving fresh burgers, creamy milkshakes and crispy chicken wings.  Sweethearts Fran Tobias and Al Galang told us their inspiring story of how Sweet Ecstasy got to where it was right now.  It was indeed a heartwarming story and we are all thankful they are here right now whipping up those delicious burgers.

Some would recognize Fran from her time as DJ Fran of RX 93.1.  However, they are playing a different type of music right now and it is music to my tummy.

The first thing I noticed when entering Sweet Ecstasy was all the posters on the wall that were amazingly redone to honor Sweet Ecstasy.  Al Galang actually made all of that himself and I have to applaud that effort because they are all creative and funny.

It was real cute how the menu is in a blackboard.  I saw a lot of kids come in when we were there and this place is certainly for the whole family. 

Red Velvet (P140)

Coffee Oreo (P140)

Salted Caramel with Fudge Brownie (P140)

The unique thing about their milkshakes is that they are all made with real ice cream as they never use ice.  They always test and tinker with their milkshakes until they are worthy to be released to the public.  I can't even remember anybody else making adult shakes so that is an exclusive one right here in Sweet Ecstasy.

White Russian (P140)

The White Russian contains milk, vanilla ice cream, vodka and kahlua.  It is an adult shake that would make me crave for more.

Black Bear (P140)

Black Bear consists of peanut butter, chocolate ice cream, kahlua and vodka.  I ordered this drink and I was the first one who finished my drink.  It was that good.

Kamote Fries with Honey Sriracha Dip (P100)

The Kamote fries are the best among all the fries served and not only that but it is also healthy.  It was personally recommended by Yoga instructor Al and I can't blame him because these fries are good.

Ecstasy Fries (P130)

The Ecstasy Fries are filled with their secret ecstasy sauce.  They refused to reveal the exact ingredients of the ecstasy sauce since it is one of the things that makes them so unique.  Whatever is in it, they sure made the right choice because these fries are magnificent.

Fantastic Fries (P80)

All their fries are manually hand cut.  They tried using a machine before but that did not exactly work out as planned.  The fries really go well with the burgers or the wings.  It can be noticed that the sweethearts are always working hard in making their food the best.  They are also open to customer feedback if anyone wants to make any comments whether it is positive or negative.  They read all the blog posts about them in order to know the areas they can improve on.

Buffalo Spicy

6 pieces of these delicious wings are P200 while one dozen of them would go for P320.  When you get to taste these wings, you will realize they are worth every penny.

Honey BBQ

Asian Soy Honey and Sesame

Their chicken wings were very crunchy.  The Asian Soy Honey and Sesame was by far my favorite flavor. The reason for its crunchiness is all of them are vodka battered.  They have a food lab where they create and test all their recipes.  I learned that Al and Monica are perfectionists when it comes to cooking as they literally spend hours in the aforementioned food lab.

Cheese Burger (P170)

Sweet Ecstasy gives customers three options for their burgers.  They can either have it fresh, caramelized or grilled.  There is also a double cheeseburger version named The Double at P230. The burgers are 100% pure beef patties and they are ground fresh daily from carefully selected cuts of beef, our lettuce, tomatoes and onions are hand picked.  The brioche buns they used are custom made for their burgers.

Choco Cola

Those who love chocolate would love this flavor as it gives you that taste that you would always crave for.  Combine it with the crunchiness of the wings and it is a taste you won't soon forget.

Onion Rings (P100)

The future looks bright for the sweethearts as they are expecting to open a second branch at Jupiter street, Makati by the end of the month.

The next time DJ Fran goes on air, I would like to request something..NOT a song..but one of those JUICY cheeseburgers.

Sweet Ecstasy
Cubao Expo, General Romulo Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
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Roch ayon kay ...

It's good that they are branching out to Jupiter as it's nearer from my place. There's no shortage of recommended restaurants there so I might as well drop by soon to try these delicious food and drinks! :D

Jaqui Perez ayon kay ...

omg! it looks so delicious!! :) will definitely visit them one of these days! thanks for the post!

Chasing Jayce ayon kay ...
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Chasing Jayce ayon kay ...

I love milkshakes and they have so many to choose from. I want to try them all! But I'll have to wait for their branch in Makati... :D

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