Introducing Grilla's new Regional Menu

Grilla Bar & Grill celebrates its 16th year this year with new additions to the menu.  It is cool how the new food items represent different provinces of the Philippines.  I knew right from the start that this was not your ordinary food tasting event.

Chef Mike Canlas was on hand to present his signature concoctions.  They were so good that I had one too many shots but don't worry I still got home in one piece. The flavors of the cocktails were Cinnamon, Rosemary, Tarragon, Calamansi and Dalandan.  I have to say that I liked them all as it was hard to pick a favorite among the drinks.

Tofu & Sigarilyas Sisig (P145)

Vegetarians would love this type of sisig as it consists of tofu and sigarilyas instead of the usual meat.  I loved it myself as it was a great way to kick off the evening.

Pork BBQ & Salted Egg Triangles (P185)

This dish was crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside.  You are not going to find out whether it is pork bbq or salted egg though until you bite it first but both of them are mighty good.

Chicharong Cebu (P160)

This one was really crunchy and that is what we love about chicharons.

Inihaw na Manok sa Sinampalukan (P225)

This dish was nicely cooked and the vegetables mixed in it were superb as well.  This one is best served with two cups of rice and a glass of wine.

Ilocos Dinuydoy with Bagnet (P200)

This was my favorite dish out of all the dishes that was served.  Part of the reason is because I am a sucker for squash and the combination with the liempo was just too hard to resist.

Inadobong Tilapya sa Gata at Sili (P225)

I'm not really a fish lover but I saw that the other bloggers loved the tilapya.

Beef Kansi (P345)

This one had that familiar sinigang taste.  The Beef Kansi is perfect to eat during the rainy season.

Poqui Poqui (P145)

A name like that would get foodies curious as to what it is as it is that familiar tortang talong dish we have all grown to love. 

 Lechon Liempo ala Cebu (P850 per kg)

Cebu is the place in the whole world that has the best lechon so I had high expectations for this dish.  It was a good thing it lived up to my expectations as this is a very tasty dish.

Grill-a-Palayok (P695)

This hot stone palayok had a lot of ingredients in it including shrimp, clams and pork.  I have to love all the food that was put in here as that explains its high price.  This is good as a pulutan for long drinking sessions.

Halo Halo Spring Rolls (P135)

No meal will be complete without dessert and this one had Ube ice cream on top of banana and jackfruit wrapped in turon.  It was the perfect ending to such a fun night spent with fellow bloggers.

General Manager Lizzie Guerrero was on hand to thank us all for coming.  It was great to finally meet the owners of Grilla.  When dinner was over, we participated in a fun game of quiz night.  I formed Team China along with Roch and Stacy and we all had our game faces on the entire time which was enough to intimidate the other teams.

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