Kimukatsu dominates the katsu craze

Since there are so many katsu themed restaurants popping around town, it is hard to keep track of which one is the best.  That is until Kimukatsu came and just made me forget about all the other katsu themed restaurants.  At the front of their menu, you are going to see the number 25.  It is the number of layers the katsu has and that is one creative recipe each one of their customers would love.

When I got inside Kimikatsu, I noticed they had such nice interiors.  Operations Manager David Guevarra and his assistant Rain entertained us and he said that they wanted to make Kimikatsu a traditional Japanese restaurant.  The service here is outstanding as the servers diligently attended to each customer's needs right away.  I can tell they wanted to be like Japanese people who were really fast in working.

 Ebi Mayo (P210)

I'm a huge fan of shrimps so I was glad how Ebi Mayo was one of our appetizers.  The sweet gambas really fit with the mayonnaise sauce along with the lime.

 Negi Shio Tofu (P130)

Since I love tofu, I saved this to go along with what I was waiting for which was the katsu flavors.  It was a good thing it was neither hot nor cold as it was just right.


 Red Miso Soup

 White Miso Soup

We got the option to go for either white miso soup or red miso soup when ordering katsu meals.   David told us that the white one is sweet while the red was a little strong.  That meant the white miso soup is good for the young generation while the red miso soup is for the adults.

 Japanese Rice

The only people who would hate Kimukatsu's version of Japanese rice is the ones who want to avoid eating too much rice.  Their rice is so good that it makes you want to get another 5 cups.  It was slow cooked so it always tastes fresh.

 Plain (P380)

I really recommend ordering the 7 Flavor Kimukatsu Set (P2400) for first timers so you can try all the flavors and see which one you will get addicted to.  The plain flavor is best for those who don't want the taste of the katsu to be lost because of the additional flavors.  

 Ume Shiso (P430)

This flavor had a strange taste because of the sour plum inside it.  I was not a fan of it but I am sure others would love it.

 Negi Shio (P380)

At first, I thought the Cheese flavor was going to be my favorite but Negi Shio really impressed me in more ways than one.  The spring onions inside the katsu gave it such a unique taste that is worth craving for.

 Garlic (P380)

There was freshly minced garlic inside this flavor and I liked it.  I like it when meat is mixed with garlic which explains why I did not dislike this flavor at all.

 Black Pepper (P390)

A couple of layers in this katsu flavor was mixed with black pepper.  The pepper was kind of strong but not that strong to make you sneeze.  It really provides a nice after taste.

 Yuzu Pepper (P430)

Sad to say, I did not have much of Yuzu Pepper since David told us it was spicy.  I feared that I would end up eating more rice than I originally thought if I munched down a couple of this.

 Cheese (P390)

This flavor is oozing with cheddar cheese and it was the first one I took since I am a big fan of the cheese katsu flavor.  The other people who were with me agreed that this was the best so it was no surprise how it ran out fast.

 Kurogoma Pudding (P110)

I have never seen anything like this dessert as there were hints of sesame seed inside it.  I really enjoyed it though as I kept on taking one after the other.

 Macha Parfait (P230)

As a big fan of Macha ice cream, I was pleased to know this one included rice balls as well.  It was an irresistible combination.

 Kimikatsu Sandwich

Before we went our separate ways, we were give a sample of this Kimikatsu Sandwich that is perfect for those who like to bring "baon" to work or school.  

After sampling their specialties, I am proud to say that I will definitely be back here and I think it will be sooner than I think.  The good news is they are planning to open two more branches by the end of the year so I hope one will be near.

5th floor East Wing
Shangrila Mall, Pasig City
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