Swensens introduces the Waffle Basket Sundae

I am a fan of ice cream combined with waffles so I was delighted when I found out Swensens introduced the Waffle Basket Sundae at only P120 each.  They also come in five different flavors that will surely tickle your sweet tooth.

Super Bowl Nutty Almond 

The ice cream in this flavor is almond praline which is delight vanilla with butterscotch marble and praline almonds.  It is topped off with bananas and caramel syrup with cherry on top.  This was without a doubt my favorite of the bunch.

Super Bowl Choco 

Chocolate lovers will love the fact that this one is loaded with brownies on top of chocolate ice cream.  It certainly gives you that chocolatey goodness that most kids love.

Super Bowl M&M 

Who does not like M&Ms?  This one also has bananas and vanilla ice cream underneath.  It is one yummy treat.

Super Bowl Strawberry 

Everyone loves strawberry and this bowl is loaded with cherries, bananas and almonds on top of strawberry ice cream.  What a sweet treat.

Super Bowl Sweet Corn Coco

We were given a preview of this one that has not been released on the menu.  I love sweet corn so it was no surprise how much I loved this flavor.

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Teresa Martinez ayon kay ...

I'm sure my family will love this. Like most people, we scream for ice cream.

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