Dinner with Zodians at Burgers & Brewskies

When I got an invitation from Zodio to have dinner with them at Burgers & Brewskies, I knew I was going to hit two birds with one stone because I was going to learn about Zodio and taste the food at Burgers & Brewskies.  I expected the food to at Burgers & Brewskies to be good since I love mouth watering burgers.  However, I did not expected it to be THIS GOOD.

Burgers & Brewskies don't serve the usual frozen burger patty with the usual toppings of onions, pickles, mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes.  Their burgers are made fresh everyday with 100% imported beef.  Michael Floro, Marc Nocon and Francis Balbarin all shared the same love for gourmet burgers, craft beers and cookouts.  They always had a cookout and it was the dream of Francis to put up a burger joint.  When a space became available at Burgos Circle, the three friends capitalized on the opportunity and Burgers & Brewskies was born last October 25.

Salt and Pepper (P195)

Salt and Pepper is a new flavor and Chef Mark told us it was for the Chinese New Year.  It tasted fine with its Chinese five spices plus the sweet & spicy dip.

Sesame Sriracha (P195)

For the wings, Sesame Sriracha is their specialty flavor.  I could understand why since the combination of honey and sesame mixed with sriracha hot sauce is enough to satisfy anybody's cravings. 

Cuban Missile (P120)

The perfect dish to go along with their wings is the Cuban Missile.  It is sweet corn slithered with mayo and spiced shredded cheese.  It is pretty much recommended to have this one shredded.

Call the Nurse (P280)

Who would have ever thought that mac & cheese fits in perfectly in a burger?  That is certainly the case here as you may have to call the nurse not to take care of you but to share this awesome burger with honey sriracha bacon and seared mac & cheese.

Kandi (P265)

Don't worry, there are no candies in this burger.  The reason why the burger is named like that is because of the candied bacon which I really enjoyed.  The b&b cheese sauce, onion confit and roasted garlic aioli rounded up the rest of the ingredients.

Chef Mark sliced what is known as the Breakfast Burger.  There were numerous dishes that were served to us but have yet to appear on the menu.  I can only imagine how lucky we were when we got first dibs on these yummy dishes.

The Breakfast Burger contained bacon, cheese, burger, lettuce and a sunny side up egg that is hidden underneath those potato chips bits.  It was without a doubt the best burger of the night and something worth coming back for.

In a twist to the classic clubhouse sandwich, this one was called the Sinwich.  You certainly would be guilty to your diet when you eat this because it is loaded with bacon, cheese and potato chips. 

Just like what Chef Mark told us, "Anything with bacon is good".  That explains why this still to be named ice cream concoction has bacon bits on top of vanilla ice cream.  It is one of those sweet treats that would make you want to get one scoop after another.

I have to thank the Zodians for such a wonderful dinner.  For those who don't know, Zodio is a website where everything from restaurants, spas, jewelry shops, ATM machines and even gas stations are reviewed.  It gives you a personal view from Zodians of what's hot and what's not in the country.  They also have an app which you can download so you can create your own account and check in at the places you go.  You can also let your voice be heard and review that place if they gave good service or not.

Burgers N Brewskies
Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
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Roch ayon kay ...

Wow. The burger flavors are so unique and different. The Call the Nurse looks big.

Teresa Martinez ayon kay ...

Wow, this array of food looks sinfully delicious. Hope to try to this one for size one of these days.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Great! I will definitely visit this place whenever I got home in Phils. They just have my two favorites Beer and Burgers.

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