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Aldous ate the World was a proud media sponsor of UNITED Helping Never Stops benefit concert.  There were a lot of impressive performers on that night and all of them were willing to lend a helping hand to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.  

Abra along with his manager Josef performed his hit single "Gayuma" to the delight of the crowd.   Some students even came on stage to sing the chorus to the wonderful song.

Up Dharma Down was worth the wait as they sang all their hit songs from their 3 albums which are 2006's Fragmented, 2008's Bipolar and 2012's Capacities.  Lead vocalist Armi has never been so happy as she recalled how she was just a student of UA&P 10 years ago.


The important thing for this concert was that everyone had fun and that was exactly what happened.  The crowd was singing along to Up Dharma Down's songs and I found myself doing the same.

Everyone waved their hands to the hits of the band such as "Oo", "Sana" and "Tadhana".  It was great how someone could still organize a concert for the Yolanda victims even at this date so kudos to everyone at UA&P who made this possible.

It was no doubt a night to remember.

More Notes from the concert:

- Other bands who performed included Cheats, Pollos, Squadra, Harlequin Carnivale, Yolanda Moon and UA&P alumni Isa Fabregas.

- Yolanda Moon (another Terno Production talent) started their performance with Pasensya and ended it with Smalltalk

- 3 of the band members of Pollos graduated from UA&P

- After the performance of Pollos, Krissy sang "Coming Home" from Drake which prompted the crowd to start singing with her.

- Cheats surprised the crowd with their high energy as they made them jump with the band members to the tune of "We are the Animals"

Check out the official Twitter page of United for videos from the artists themselves.

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Ohh I have a friend from college who went to the event. I saw the pics in Instagram. I am not familiar with Up Dharma Down songs but it's great that the band joined the crowd for a good cause.

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