Turn your Backpacking adventure into a Foodie experience

Going the Distance: Turn Your Backpacking Adventures into a Once in a Lifetime Foodie Experience

Backpacking has gained momentum in recent years. With the steady rise of budget airfare and accommodations, more and more are adapting to this latest traveling trend. Jumpstarting a backpacking lifestyle is not difficult, and you can start right here in the Philippines.

Backpacking is made more special in the Philippines because aside from seeing breathtaking sights, you can also enjoy the many delicacies of different places. With the destinations below, you’re off to a great backpacking and foodie adventure.

Ilocos, Northern Luzon

Begin your adventure with a road trip to Ilocos, Northern Luzon. With reasonably priced food and inns, it is easy to just get up and go. What makes the road trip worth it is not just its beautiful architecture and beaches but also its prime dishes. Backpackers always find great thrill in trying famous dishes like bagnet, pinakbet, dinardaraan, and pok-pokolo. And if you have another destination after Ilocos, make sure to pack a few empanadas in your kit – they are worth the space.

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Mindanao

If you are a fan of waterfalls and huge lakes, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Mindanao is the way to go. With the many budget airline trips available, getting to Lake Sebu doesn’t take much out of you. Native dishes, and the longest zipline in the country await adventure seekers. Foodies will get a kick of its healthy dishes since the region is known for its rich fishing grounds. Lake Sebu is known for its tilapia dishes, and a visitor must never miss on trying this. The also region boasts of delectable tuna dishes since neighboring town General Santos is the Tuna Capital of the country. Adventure-seekers should try their crispy tuna buntot, tuna chicharon, and kinilaw.

Baguio City

Another favorite of backpackers is Baguio City. Known for its lush pine trees and amazingly cold weather all year round, Baguio also offers a lot of unique treats. Backpackers shouldn’t miss out on Etag (a smoked pork chop), Pinikpikan (chicken), Kintoman (rice grown by Itogon tribesmen), and Pinuneg (blood sausage). Baguio is also known for its strawberries and yummy desserts like peanut brittle and ube jam. With many historical places, a backpacker will not run out of things to do in this city.

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