TGIF opens its 15th branch at Greenbelt 3

The last time I went to TGI Fridays, the stars behind the bars impressed us all.  This time, it was the turn of the stars on the menu as we were at Greenbelt 3 for the opening of the 15th branch of TGI Fridays.  By the end of the meal, I'm sure everyone came home happy and full.

Three For All

The appetizer prepared us for the joyful things to come on that day.  We felt that it really was Christmas because of the wonderful food in front of us.  Three for All contained spicy buffalo wings, fried mozzarella and loaded potato skins.  It may be called an appetizer but it can already get you full which was exactly what happened to some of the bloggers.

 Jack Daniel's Burger

If there was anything that stole the show, it was the Jack Daniel's sauce that went well with the Jack Daniel's burger.  It was a little too sweet and that made it extra special.  The burger itself was tasty and it was a good thing the person next to me was a vegetarian so I ate her share too. =D

 Ribs Platter

Who does not like ribs? This platter contained 3 different flavors of their baby back ribs namely Jack Daniel's, barbeque and lemongrass.  I must admit everyone else loved ribs since I was not able to taste the ribs that much.  I only got a few bites in and it was very good.  I will certainly come back to have another bite of it.

 Shareable Platter

This platter was a little different since it had 3 different meats in chicken, fish and roasted pork belly.  The fish here was fish and chips so there was french fries in there as well. 

 Mocha Mud Pie

This pie was an ice cream cake and it was a nice sinful treat.  Those with the sweet tooth will surely love this offering.  I enjoyed it a lot myself.

Brownie Obsession

There is nothing like a freshly baked brownie with vanilla ice cream on top along with almonds.  It was a sweet ending to such an awesome meal with fellow bloggers.

3rd Level, Greenbelt 3
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