Lunch with Ms Earth beauties at 100 Revolving Restaurant

When it comes to food, Chef Jessie Sincioco is the ultimate perfectionist.  She made her mark in the food industry with Chef Jessie's Rockwell Club and Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie.  This is why I was more than ecstatic when I co-hosted this food tasting event at her latest creation, the 100 Revolving Restaurant. 

The restaurant gives a nice glimpse of Metro Manila as it revolves for two hours. The menu offers a mixture of European and Filipino food.  

The restaurant is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and even proposals.  It is the first and only revolving restaurant in the country.

Chef Jessie's Ciabatta Bread with special dip

Appetiezer started with Chef Jessie's cibaatta bread.  We were informed that the set meal that will be served is going to be fit for a beauty queen which means it won't be much.  It is a good thing the guys were allowed to order more because that is exactly what I did with a couple of steaks.

 The one and only cooking extraordinaire Chef Jessie

 Heart of Palm in Tamarind Vinaigrette Dressing served on a bed of Fresh Alugbati

 Clear Essence of Chicken with raw Papaya and Moringga

Iced Orange Juice

 Pan-Fried South Sea Bass (Apahap) Fillet in creamy Coconut Sauce served with Garlic Rice and Achara

The set meal was excellent especially the fish and that is saying a lot since I am not really fond of eating fish.  Chef Jessie was impressive as both the host and the chef.  I never thought anybody can do both of those things that good.

US Black Angus Beef Tenderloin (P1600)

US Black Angus Rib Eye (P1350)

I thought something was missing so I ordered a couple of steaks.  Both steaks were very tender and words can't describe how much I enjoyed them.  After that, Chef Jessie told me that my dream came true because I got to sample her steaks.  

How right she was.

Iced Halo Halo Parfait

Revolving Macapuno Torta (P250)

Oozing with pandan from the middle, Revolving Macapuno Torta is a dessert to simply die for.  I could have a dozen more of this and still won't get tired of its taste.

 The restaurant was not the only thing revolving on that day.  My head was constantly looking in all directions due to the Ms. Earth candidates joining us for lunch.  I could not resist taking pictures of these wonderful women and it was one of those times when I would wish that time would stand Still.  

I sure missed out on getting my picture taken with Ms. Germany Caroline Noeding, Ms. Gabon Filiane Mayombo Koundi and Ms. Mexico Kristal Silva.  It was there was not enough time to take pictures for this event.


Ms. Colombia Diana Carolina is so cute.  I wonder who will win this beauty pageant when the coronation happens on December 7 at Versailles, Alabang?

Ms. Earth Air 2012 Stephany Stefanowitz made a surprise appearance and she is really is beautiful.  I am not taking away anything from Ms. Sierra Leone Mariatu Dukuray because she is downright gorgeous herself.

Ms. Israel Maria Abboud has got to be the coolest girl among the candidates.  She told us she is a vegetarian and she is always active in order to keep in tip top shape.

Ms. Paraguay Leticia Caceres and Ms. Haiti Carolina Rinchere sure knew how to strike a pose.  All the beauties thanked Chef Jessie for the wonderful food.  They were all friendly as they did not hesitate to oblige when someone asked for a picture.

Is that Anne Curtis? Nah, it's Ms. Poland Aleksandra Szczesna.  I wish I knew how to pronounce her last name.

Ms. Switzerland Djoa Strassburg was really nice.  She told us that it is important to get the right amount of sleep in order to stay fit.

I finally met a girl who is taller than me in Ms. Thailand Punika Kulsoontornrut.  Ms. Dominican Republic Maria Eugenia Vargas could easily stand above the rest of the candidates with her dedication to winning.


I was lucky Miss Zambia Winnie-Freda Kabwe agreed for a photo opportunity with me.  She truly defines what black beauty is all about.

Who am I rooting for in the Miss Earth Pageant?  I don't know but I thought I won on this night.=p

100 Revolving Restaurant
33/F MDC 100 Building
C5 corner Eastwood Drive
Quezon City, Philippines

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17 (mga) komento:

arielicas ayon kay ...

Wow nice place! Having time with the Ms. Earth Beauties and that's really awesome :)

Lei ayon kay ...

Seems like you had a great time. Definitely going there soon thanks for sharing.
leira (fbw)

Franc ayon kay ...

The Ms. Earth's delegates are really pretty. I met Chef Jesse in another event and her dishes are really great.

Unknown ayon kay ...

lucky you! kamukha nga ni Anne si Miss Poland :)

curious lang ako, since the resto is revolving, hindi ba sya nakakahilo?

Gen-zel ayon kay ...

Wow! Sayang di ako nakapunta, was invited pero sa ibang resto ata un. Love the food!

papaleng ayon kay ...

You have here a great place apt for celebrities to hang out and dine. The dish seems okay naman.

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

You're one lucky guy to be with the most beautiful women on earth! I'm so jealous! haha!

Anyway, the food seems so delicious especially the angus beef and it's fitting for the Miss Earth contestants. :)

Daf Benosa ayon kay ...

Lucky you! I've been to that place once and the food is amazing. That Angus Rib Eye looks tempting! :)

xx Daphne of

Raine Pal ayon kay ...

You are so lucky! Having a great time with the Ms. Earth Candidates.

Justin Vawter ayon kay ...

ooh!! sayang.. I wasn't able to go here too... looks like you really had a good time! :)

Roch ayon kay ...

I would love to visit this restaurant soon and experience the revolving tables! :) I know the food is great, too.

Erin Joan ayon kay ...

I would love to try this place! It looks great and unique! :D

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

haha I agree! You won big time :D Those ladies are really the way, it was Venezuela who won :) p.s. the food was great!

Unknown ayon kay ...

Wow that's a great experience, you certainly won something on that particular event.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Wow! you're so lucky!, you met all the beautiful contestants of Ms. Earth! woaaah! :))

L.Torres, RN ayon kay ...

The foods look delicious! The revolving restaurant reminded me of the book "The New Hunger" by Isaac Marion. That was where I first learned about revolving restos!

You are so lucky to meet those lovely ladies.

petroleumjelly ayon kay ...

wow so lucky guy!:) you look good with all those lovely ladies! the food you featured here are all tempting:) nice to know another successful filipino chef

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