Go on a food trip at McKinley Hill courtesy of Carnivale

Carnivale started last December 12 to a big success as it was good news for people who work at McKinley Hill and those who live nearby.  There are a lot of food vendors and you will surely find what you are craving for here.  Don't be surprised if you decide to forget about your diet when you go here.

Sari-saring Longganisa is perfect for those who love well Longganisa.  They have all sorts of Longganisa variants here.

I always see Chicago's Deep Dish at any Mercato event I have went to and they always serve fine pasta and pizza dishes.

These girls allow you to create your own pasta like you are dining at a buffet.  It was indeed something new for me.

I have been a fan of Macheesemo Burgers for quite some time and it was fun to finally meet the owner.  I love how they make their burgers.

I have to admit this dish had me craving for more pancit.  It brought a whole new meaning to the expression "This is it, Pancit".

These people did their best to entertain the late night eaters.  I have to admit they did catch my attention as some of the media people posed for some pictures.

I had a sample of the fine dishes at Red Adobo and I have to admit they got me craving for more.

Is your favorite food merchant here?  Here is the list of food merchants:

1     Mug CafĂ©, Grab n Go, Miggy Piggy Food Shack, Sari-saring Longganisa, B. Wings, Abhie’s Kitchen, Wrap Battle, Cakes by K, Dad’s Moms, Mamay’sIhawIhaw, Macheesemo Burgers,
1   Lets Taco Abut It, Olympia’s Gourmet, Tamayaki, TitaMidle’s Food, Rutherfrost, Abs Kebab,
1   Pipers Pan, Shawarma King, FMT Taclings, Manong’s Bagnet, Lariza’s Grill, Chicago Pizza,
2   Poland, Isa’s Mongolian

Do you want to put up a food business here? Email admin@mercatocentrale.ph for more information.

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This place seems to have a great selection of food that can satisfy anyone's cravings. My mom would definitely like it here. :D

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