UPTC Chronicles I : Casa Verde & Cafe Shibuya

I promised myself that I would try all the restaurants at the newly opened UP Town Center.  All the restaurants here seem to have their own theme and they all have something unique that makes me want to try them out.  When we went there last time, we had lunch at Casa Verde then dessert at Cafe Shibuya.  

How did those visits turn out?

Casa Verde:

It was a good thing we came at lunch time at Casa Verde as there were was no waiting list yet.  It is amazing how UP Town Center also has two restaurants that used to have long lines in J.Co and iHop.  Those lines have obviously fizzled and people are now curious about Casa Verde.

Brian's Ribs (P250)

It says in the menu that once you try it, you will never forget it.  How right it was!  I won't forget Brian's Ribs because of how affordable it is for a baby back rib.  A lot of people have also recommended this to me and now I know why.

Tenderloin Tips & Eggs (P198)

I loved how tender their meat was.  It was Casa Verde's version of the classic Filipino dish tapsilog but with tenderloin meat.  It was supposed to be for my girlfriend but I ended up eating half of it anyway.  That was how good it was.

John's Mix (P95)

John sure had a good idea for this non-alcoholic cocktail as it contained orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine and Sprite.  It was an energizing drink to say the least.

Simply Bliss (P95)

This drink combined orange juice, pineapple juice and coconut milk.  I liked the mix of ingredients here and I thought it made a really wonderful combination.

Cafe Shibuya:

Cheddar Cheese (Regular P225)

Oh my!  This dessert french toast lit up my eyes from the moment I had my first bite. I just kept on eating it without paying attention to the people around me .  Putting vanilla ice cream on top of cheesy french toast is certainly a delightful idea.  I would put this french toast on top of one of the best new things I have tasted this year.

Matcha Green Tea Latte (P135)

I made it a point to try the matcha latte of every coffee or milk tea shop that has it.  Kozui may be #1 on my list but Cafe Shibuya's version is a very close second.  In fact, when I get to try it again the two of them could already be tied for the top spot.  I am saying that despite the fact that I am a really harsh critic.


That would do it for this edition of the UPTC Chronicles.  Right now, I am really excited on which restaurants I am going to pick for part 2 as all the restaurants here look very promising. 


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Roch ayon kay ...

All the drinks here look really nice and sweet. I hope to visit Casa Verde soon as I've read a lot of good reviews of restaurants and cafe about it. :D

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