Sumptuous budget pizza choices at Chef Arnold's

I knew little about this pizza joint located at N. Domingo, San Juan so I decided to join Openrice Eat's a Date in order to try out their pizza choices.  I am such a big fan of pizza so I could not resist this invitation.  I heard some of the bloggers got lost and that made for some laughter in the air.

The prices of the pizza here are mind boggling.  The largest at 16 inches is only 250 pesos, the family size is 170 while the smallest is only 60 pesos.  Even if the sizes shrink, the quality of the pizzas are still intact.

 Chicago White

The Chicago White pizza opened the night and we were told they were going to make us sample all of their pizzas.  That got me real excited especially since I sampled Chicago White and it was tremendous.  Some bloggers tried using the hot sauce and they ended up regretting it because it was too spicy.  It was another moment of laughter when I saw some blogger looking for some iced cold water.


I did not like pineapple on pizza so I had to take them out when I sampled their version of Hawaiian pizza. I have to admit I was never a fan of Hawaiian pizza but I became a fan of their version.


Margherita pizza is usually the cheapest pizza in most pizza establishments since it does not contain much ingredients.  All the pizzas given to us were really good as they were made fresh from the oven.  They also gave us a close up view on how they were made.

 New Yorker

The New Yorker is one pizza loaded with a lot of meat.  It got me searching for some drinks.  However, it was revealed that they were not allowed to serve drinks other than water for some reason.  It was a good thing one generous blogger decided to treat us to soda as soda and pizza make for a nice combination.

 Wild Wild Mushroom

I love mushrooms so it was no surprise that I loved Wild Wild Mushroom so much.  It was loaded with so many kinds of mushrooms that I forgot the names of some of them.  This was easily my favorite pizza of the night.  There were actually a lot of leftovers but the Openrice people took all of them.

Carbonara (P80)

Who would have ever thought that this Carbonara is only 80 pesos.  With its size, it is actually good for two people.  When I tasted it, it is was one good homemade treat.

722 San Rafael St. cor. Sta. Ana St., ,Brgy. San Jose,
Mandaluyong City

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