Enjoy Kraaazy Grubs only at Krazy Garlik

Probably the only food in this world that has a love-hate relationship with one’s mouth is garlic. For one, when cooked right, it tastes glorious. If cooked wrong, it can be quite a traumatic disaster, not to mention the memorable smell it leaves in your mouth. For years now, Bistro’s garlic-loving restaurant Krazy Garlik has been serving the best garlic-infused dishes from around the world. The restaurant has been converting haters of the maligned staple into connoisseurs and garlic lovers. From traditional to contemporary, local to global, and mild to extreme dishes, Krazy Garlik has served it up one way or another.

From the scrumptious grubs like Sweet 16 Chicken made of morsel of chicken, fresh pineapple chunks, and capsicum, Garlicky Crispy Pata, Honey Fried Chicken, and Pork chop to the Crispy Orange Shrimp, Tuna Belly, and Garlik Squid and other tasty treats of the ocean, Krazy Garlik is now refreshing your palate with the new quick fixes and easy to eat addition to the menu. It’s perfect for people on-the-go and also to people looking for the new krazy thing in Krazy Garlik’s already krazy menu.

Now Krazy Garlik goes Mexican and offers the familiar tastes of Mexico – burritos, tacos, and nachos. With tortilla-crusted tacos and burritos, you have the choice of Krazy Chicken, Krazy Braised Beef, or Krazy Fish. Or indulge in Krazy Garlik Nachos, which is piled high with crunchy nacho chips layered with succulent beef asado, cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and fiery jalapenos. Other new menu items include Amazing Sisig and Insane Beef. You can just choose one or just order everything so you don’t miss out on anything on the great-tasting.

And just to make sure you get the best from the best, Krazy Garlik is offering an Amazing Sisig Burrito for free for every minimum purchase of Php500. Just present the attached voucher through your mobile or print it out upon ordering. The offer is good starting November 12 up until December 12. 

At Krazy Garlik, it’s either go big or go home. The dishes are served ample portions to fill your hungry stomachs and discriminating taste buds. So drop by Krazy Garlik’s branches at Greenbelt 5, New Port Mall, Alabang Town Center, and our soon to open branch at Greenhills and enjoy garlicky goodness only at Krazy Garlik.

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