Are you ready to get Skewed?

I was ecstatic when I found out my homies Charmaine, Wero, Jaxon and Tsoostai from Couchsurfing Manila put up their own restaurant.  Add that to the fact that I just live nearby.  Last week, we finally got the opportunity to try their original skew all you can buffet.  

It is the first barbeque skewer buffet in the country as each table comes with a grilling machine and an exhaust fan above in order to absorb the smoke.  

Other than the skewer buffet, you can also choose to eat fried rice, vegetables, sisig and chicken for those who can't wait much longer.  I guarantee that the skewers are worth the wait though.

There is a wide range of skewers available and my favorite is the pork bbq and chicken wings.  The hotdogs and vegetables were good as well.  I love it when each stick comes with bell pepper.

The buffet starts at an amazing 299 pesos during lunch time and there are skewer packs for as low as 139 pesos.  Those who are watching their budget can opt for the budget meals for as low as 99 pesos.

Wero came up with the concept due to the fact that he loves street food.  He also took some suggestions from us and we suggested that there should be some steps so the customers would know what to do.  It should also be indicated when the skewers are already safe to eat. Wero promised that those concerns would be addressed in no time.

We had a fun time watching the skewers get cooked right in front of us.  While that is happening, it was the perfect time to share life stories with my blogger friends.  I noticed some of them even made new friends and that makes me happy.

This was one dinner to remember.  Don't agree with that?


Couchsurfing Manila + Aldous Team = One Rad Night

UG03 CTTM Square 68 Timog Ave Cor Tomas Morato 1103 Quezon City.
(02) 412 8661 11AM-2AM

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