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Philip-Lifestyle Guy is a new Sunday show on TV5 starting on October 27 11 AM up to 12 noon. Philip is very popular in the PR world as his clients included the likes of Studio 23, MTV, Dockers, Ericsson and Bacardi. 

Philip along with Paolo Abrera launched the free magazine called Zero which would become FLY six years later.  It became so popular that it was also distributed in Hong Kong. 


The lifestyle show is going to be about everything from good food to awesome spa treatments.  It also gives the audience a chance to experience what they are experiencing in the show.  He wants everyone to enjoy the good lifestyle, not just those who can afford it. 

The show is directed by Dave Hukom and written by Yasmine Holes.  It consists of segments such as Phil-up! where anybody would try the featured products, I Saw the Sign, Whatchathink? where random people are asked about tough trivia questions and Philip's Finds where they feature the hippest places to chill and unwind around the Metro.

Pizzadilla (P190)

The night would not have been complete without some delicious food by Rub Restaurant.  The pizzadilla really made my heart melt.  It was one good snack.

Super Duo BBQ Ribs (P370)

Their specialty bbq back ribs are worth coming back for.  It is one of the best baby back ribs I have ever tasted and it is a good thing I got to go to this restaurant because I got to taste it.  I really love bbq back ribs.

Behind the scenes shot of Philip being interviewed

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