UNDP Bloggers Roundtable

I was more than willing to be a part of this Blogger Roundtable featuring three powerful men.  It was very informal as anybody can pop up a question anytime they wish.  The topic for the day was hunger and it was indeed an issue that should be addressed as these 3 men discussed their programs for the future.

The first speaker for the night was none other than United Nations Development Programme Country Director Toshihiro Tanaka.  He actually speaks 4 languages namely English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.  His impressive resume includes being a UNDP Country Director in Pakistan and Myanmar, Deputy Resident Representative in Bhutan and China and Assistant Resident Representative in China and Myanmar.   

Aristero Portugal is currently the Assistant Representative for the Food and Agriculture Organization.  FAO helps the Philippines improve the physical access to food in order to eliminate hunger through a series of innovative approaches.  Their recent programs include Advancing the Application of Assisted Natural Regeneration for Effective Low cost Forest Restoration and Increasing Rice Yield and Productivity through the Promotion of Small-Scale Irrigation and Integrated Crop Management Systems in Rainfed Areas. 

Representing the UN World Food Programme is the Country Director Praveen Agrawal.  He also speaks four languages namely Hindi, English, Spanish and Italian.  The World Food Programme works to get children in Central Mindanao to reach their potential.  By the end of his talk, Praveen told us he is open for a sit down talk at his office anytime.

The bloggers fired some questions about the 3 men's latest programs to address hunger and they were all answered confidently.  We all posed for some photo ops with the speakers before they continued the day with other commitments.

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